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NGSS Summative Assessments: Tips for Science Teachers
Activities that reflect 3D student learning can offer a clear picture of students’ progress toward achieving mastery of performance expectations.
Bernadine Okoro
2010–2011 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, National Science Foundation Fellow
June 27, 2019
6 Activities to Honor Earth Day in Your Classroom
Students of all ages can honor Earth Day. Here’s a list of activities—separated by grade level—that teachers can incorporate in their classrooms.
Danni Green
Writer, Girls Write Now
April 05, 2019
What Happens After 'Failure' in the Science Classroom?
Teaching about failure in an engineering context can help students better understand how this becomes a learning opportunity.
Dr. Cary Sneider
NGSS Writing Team Leader, Associate Research Professor at Portland State University
March 26, 2019
What Are Evidence Notebooks in the Science Classroom?
Students use evidence notebooks to record observations and predictions, make sketches, and note questions that they have.
Michael DiSpezio
Author, ScienceFusion and HMH Science Dimensions Programs
February 01, 2019
Integrating Science With Engineering and Tech in the Classroom
Understanding the connections between science, engineering, and technology are important to monitoring planets and other parts of our solar system.
Dr. Mike Passow
Former Classroom Teacher; Past President, National Earth Science Teachers Association
January 18, 2019
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