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Prepare students for assessment success and lifelong literacy with Writable! Support your ELA curriculum, district benchmarks, and state standards with more than 1,000 fully customizable assignments and rubrics.

Writable’s instructional approach, developed from rigorous foundational research, improves writing with flexible tools that guide students to develop purposeful drafts, incorporate personalized feedback, and produce writing that shines.


Get access to more than 1,000 assignments and prompts to scaffold student practice, increase engagement, and connect writing directly to your daily instruction.


Feedback drives meaningful revisions—which, in turn, drives writing growth. The feedback can be self-directed, AI-generated, or come from teachers.


Assessment is tied to Writable practice and state benchmarks, with teachers receiving data-driven summaries for full classes and individual students.

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Better feedback, better revision

Writable helps schools organize their writing programs around rigorous instruction and writing feedback for every student and teacher. Discover how Writable drives purposeful student revision and writing growth while saving teachers time on lesson prep.

What the Experts Say

Research-backed Writable provides a proven approach to writing gains.

In a midsize urban district, students using Writable performed almost 2x better on the year-end district reading/writing assessment compared to those not using Writable.

In the Consolidated School District of New Britain, CT, students using Writable experienced a 30% increase in scores on district calibrated assessments.

Students in the same district experienced an increase of 1.7 times the writing growth compared with students not using Writable.

Use Writable to make the most of eligible ESSER funding.

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Cultivate Great Writers

With its side-by-side reading and writing assignments, annotation tools, prompts, rubrics, and comment stems, Writable intuitively guides students through the writing process.

Support for Success

Support student success by scaffolding instruction so that students can plan, organize, and focus their writing. Real-time feedback on grammar, structure, organization, and originality is delivered at point-of-use to guide writing earlier.

Track and Report Growth

Track writing growth using rubrics that adapt to your district or state assessments. See results by assignment, category, skill, or standard.

Student Experience

When students learn to write for an authentic audience and provide actionable, constructive feedback to each other, they become stronger writers.

"I not only love the rubrics that are attached, but also how easy it is for students to see and learn from the work of their peers."

Sarah M. Grade 6 Teacher, New Jersey

Teacher Experience

Choose to use Writable’s assignments or create your own. Either way, the power to customize every aspect of every lesson to fit your teaching is in your hands.

Manage your students’ experience from point-of-use feedback to polished revisions. Throughout their writing journey, you can view students’ work, monitor their progress, provide scaffolding, and offer comments.

Family Experience

Family Room—a family-friendly part of HMH’s learning platform—supports diverse learning environments and makes at-home learning more manageable for families and caregivers by providing equitable, on-demand resources to help support their children.

With Family Room, families and caregivers can:
With Family Room, families and caregivers can:
  • Access their child’s learning via the student’s log in
  • Find simple, helpful, and equitable at-home learning resources in both English and Spanish
  • Explore tips and videos personalized to their child’s learning

"I shared Writable with colleagues...all of whom marveled at the assessment we had built and the data we had collected. We were able to...determine how to roll assessment data back into instruction."

Tyler M. ELD Curriculum Lead, Gateway Charter Schools, California

Explore Writable in action.

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Program Pairings

Use Writable with HMH programs to boost student success

Aligned with HMH core and multilingual learner curricula, you can deliver comprehensive writing support connected to HMH’s best-in-class fiction and nonfiction titles, including award-winning mentor texts, to set the example for students to produce great writing.

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Research & Results

A proven approach to writing gains

Research-based and results-driven, Writable leverages the latest findings in educational research to provide a proven approach to student growth.

Writable for HMH Into Literature is the recipient of the 2020 SIIA CODiE Award for the Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Grades 9-12 & Higher Education category!


Explore the research behind Writable’s instructional design and see how the program uses evidence-based best practices to drive growth in student writing.

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Writable: Achieving Writing Proficiency
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