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Uncover the Connections

Meet state and district standards with an inquiry-based social studies solution for Grades 6–12.

Engage Students with Relevant Content

As part of HMH’s commitment to provide teachers and students with the most up-to-date content, HMH Social Studies resources are continuously added for the duration of a subscription. Teachers have the opportunity to influence the direction of future topics and features with feedback.

Fresh Topics Keep Students Informed

"Topics for Today" lessons address important current events that keep the curriculum relevant for students. Topics include: The Biden Administration, Social Justice Movements, Human Rights, the March of Technology, and more.

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Virtual Field Trips Let Students Explore Our World

Activity-based field trips for middle school students explore topics and locations through a series of immersive 360-degree illustrations.

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Add Writable® to the HMH Social Studies Subscription

To maximize teacher effectiveness and motivate students in the moment, pair HMH Social Studies with Writable. Writable’s approach to AI builds teacher agency and is teacher-intermediated, allowing for AI-suggested feedback and scores to be incorporated into instruction to help drive purposeful revision and writing growth.

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Embark on a Journey with HMH Social Studies

Packed with inquiry-based resources, customizable assessments, and unlimited access to curated professional learning, HMH Social Studies empowers teachers to tailor their classroom experience.

Easy Access to All Social Studies Subject Areas

The HMH Social Studies Middle School and High School Student Digital Licenses on Ed, the HMH learning platform, include all the content teachers need to meet state and local standards.

Middle School

U Shistory C V WF1319678

United States History

United States History helps students develop a richer understanding of America’s past and its impact today, integrating skills such as map reading, research, geography, and civic participation.

World Civilization C V WF1319678

World Civilizations

World Civilizations creates a richer understanding of world history and culture with vivid, instructional visuals and high-interest scenarios.

World Geography C V WF1319678

World Geography

World Geography engages, inspires, and encourages the love of geography with tools that help students connect with the content and see its relevance and importance in their lives.

*Note World Geography is not available for sale outside of the United States.

Civics C V WF1319678


Civics helps foster student civic responsibility through a balanced course that features the principles of government, active citizenship, and responsible economic participation.

High School

American History CV WF1319678

American History

American History explores the story of U.S. history, weaving the reflections of people who experienced history firsthand throughout the narrative.

AAH CV WF1319678

African American History

African American History presents a rich narrative that explores the role of African Americans in the development of the United States, encouraging students to connect with the content and discover important people, places, and events.

World History CV WF1319678

World History

World History provides teachers with a practical and motivational approach to teaching world history and helps students think critically and make global connections.

United States Gov C V WF1319678

United States Government

Designed to balance the need to cover key, standards-based government topics and motivate students to learn, United States Government makes our political system meaningful to all students.

Economics C V WF1319678


Economics uses a concept-driven and interactive approach to develop economic literacy, utilizing real examples, concept application, and the latest economics news.

Global Geo C V WF1319678

Global Geography

Global Geography motivates students to explore current geographic issues to show the relevance of geography to current events. It is organized by physical geography, human geography, and today’s issues.

Reaching Every Learner in the Classroom


Connect with Today’s Students

Equitable Resources HMH Social Studies WF1619450

Empower Students with Inquiry-Based Learning

Support the C3 Framework and the inquiry process in social studies with a wide variety of features and resources. Primary and secondary resources can be used for instruction.

Inquiry Based Learning HMH Social Studies WF1619450

Equitable Resources for All Learners

The Digital Spanish Student Editions consider cultural and language norms to produce a more suitable user experience for Spanish-speaking audiences.

Point of Use HMH Social Studies WF1619450

Powerful Partnerships Bring History to Life

Collaborations with The HISTORY® Channel, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, News Literacy Project, Newberry Library, and the Center for Civic Education enrich and extend student learning.


The Right Support for Teachers

Easily Meet State Standards

Through HMH Ed, teachers can save resources from different subject areas to create customizable lessons that fit state requirements and meet the needs of all students.

Flexible Assigning HMH Social Studies WF1619450

Flexible Assigning Maximizes Time

Custom assessments allow teachers to assign assessments that meet their classroom’s needs. Teachers can create their own assessments or customize pre-built ones.

Guided Implementation HMH Social Studies WF1619450

The Resources Teachers Want

Writable HMH Social Studies WF1619450

Accessible Data Informs Instruction

Digital assessments provide teachers with quick access to data, making it easy to identify learning gaps, differentiate instruction, and track student growth.

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Guided Implementation Support
for Educators

Teachers starting at any time of the year can get up and running quickly with resources in their Teacher Success Pathway that help them plan, teach, and assess learning, using their new HMH program.

Keeping it current hmhss wf1868250

Keeping It Current

Sign up for free resources from our partners at The History Channel and the Center for Civic Education. Every month, we provide videos, lesson plans, and classroom resources to engage students.

Insights & Resources

Explore articles, research, and other resources related to HMH Social Studies.


Discover how our social studies program supports growth for middle school students.


Explore the research behind our social studies program’s design and features.


Discover how our social studies program supports growth for high school students.

Develop critical thinking skills for tomorrow’s citizens with HMH Social Studies.

Develop critical thinking skills for tomorrow’s citizens with HMH Social Studies.

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