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As one of the world’s longest-established publishing houses and largest providers of Pre-K–12 education solutions, we specialize in dynamic learning content for students, teachers, and parents. With 20 offices and many more dedicated teams worldwide, we serve more than 60 million students in over 150 countries, supporting educators, students, and our partners who serve them every step of the way.

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Connected Teaching & Learning

Let's Reconnect!

Teaching and learning took new forms during the pandemic. But one thing remained the same: HMH® is still committed to supporting each moment in a student’s and teacher’s journey.

It’s all in one place, with one username and password, to support teaching and learning—from anywhere.

Purposeful assessments, best-in-class core instruction, personalized supplemental practice and intervention, and meaningful professional learning are uniquely connected to empower teaching and learning, on Ed, the HMH Learning Platform.

How could Connected Teaching and Learning from HMH® empower you?


Teacher Experience

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Connect in new ways

Connect assessment insights with differentiated instructional content, tools, and resources to drive student growth.

On-demand professional learning and live events support your program use and helps build best practices.

Ed’s connected experience supports both in-person and online learning via HMH Go, our offline app,

Includes Family Room, where families and caregivers receive at-home learning advice and content in English and in Spanish.

Read our Teacher flipbook to learn how HMH supports every momentin the teaching and learning journey


School Leader & Administrator Experience

Easily make data-driven decisions with enhanced reporting and drill into student growth across school site(s). Access professional learning curated for school leaders, live and on-demand.

Read our Administrator flipbook to learn how HMH supports every momentin the teaching and learning journey

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Professional Learning

Our mission is to advance yours

Shaping a bright future for students requires inspired teachers and passionate leadership. By placing our team of experts at your fingertips, we give you the personalized support needed to bring your vision to life.

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Practice-Based Courses

Our practice-based courses are intended to transform school practices to meet the needs of ALL learners, meet you where you are, and ensure you have a strong foundation for continued success.

Program-Based Courses

Program-based courses provide ongoing support that increases student performance, meets teachers where they are, and provides just-in-time support through intensive coaching.

Professional Coaching

Coaching services from ICLE and HMH® provide you the opportunity to explore innovative strategies for creating engaging learning experiences for your students.

Our Courses

From Getting Started Courses to STEM-focused workshops, HMH and ICLE have curated a robust offering of innovative, engaging, and informative courses.

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Fundamental Strategies for English Language Teaching

Gain access to relevant information on key areas of English language teaching while collaborating to develop more meaningful learning experiences.

HMH International STEM Academy

Discover innovative strategies that build instructional strength through inquiry and immersion and become a certified STEM instructor!

Getting Started Courses

Develop an understanding of how program components, resources, tools, and strategies combine to engage students with technology.

Request a full list of courses to find the perfect match.

Our Coaching

Student data and evidence drive the focus and goals for our instructional and leadership coaching. Our coaching model focuses 80% on student learning and 20% on instructional design. Therefore, student learning changes are the key indicators of success.

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Personalized Coaching

Moving beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to professional learning, our research-based coaching model ensures flexible, data-driven support every step of the way.

Student Centered

Our coaches collaborate with teachers to design and support changes in practice that lead to improvement in student outcomes.

Data Driven

Our team monitors progress through an accountability system for both instructional and leadership coaching to track results.

Flexible, Personalized Coaching Solutions
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Flexible Delivery to Best Meet Your Needs

In order to best meet the needs of educators, we offer flexible delivery models for instructional coaching and leadership coaching.

One-on-One Coaching
Every engagement is unique. We work alongside teachers and leaders to ensure that you are immediately practicing new skills and strategies.

Team Coaching
Onsite and online, our coaches support and enhance teaching strategies with lesson modeling, planning resources and instruction to use and analyze data, classroom management, program implementation, support for special student populations including English learners, and more.

Virtual Coaching
In between coaching visits, teachers can connect with their coaches virtually to gauge progress, discuss challenges, and determine new strategies.

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Personalized Coaching Services to Support Your Unique Needs

Coaching is differentiated based on the unique goals of each school to support all classrooms.

Program Implementation
Strengthen content knowledge, learn new instructional strategies, and develop skills to support effective instruction and fidelity of implementation.

Data Coaching
Analyze student evidence and data to set student-centered learning targets, design and refine assessments, and plan instruction in response to assessment and data.

Leadership Coaching from ICLE
Create a school culture focused on rigor, relevance, and relationships for all students by establishing a common vision and understanding of what rigor looks like.

Related Professional Learning Solutions
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Foundational Teacher Training Portfolio

Our Foundational Teacher Training Portfolio guides educators in everything from building relationships to differentiating instruction for every learner.

ICLE Thought Leadership

From leadership development to transformative teaching practices, the International Center for Leadership in Education® supports the entire learning community in achieving success.

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Math Solutions

Math Solutions® works with schools around the world and publishes more than 90 books and resources to help educators improve teacher effectiveness and math instruction in their schools.

International Baccalaureate® and U.K. Curriculum Schools

HMH has a variety of supplemental solutions that fit perfectly into any existing curriculum and compliment any classroom. Our supplemental solutions include intervention, assessment, discipline-specific workbooks, and more. In addition to high-quality classroom solutions, we can also deliver professional learning courses to build teacher capacity so that they can provide rigorous learning opportunities for all students.

Learn more about how our solutions fit in your classroom.

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Countries & Regions

Choose your region or country to learn more about the solutions available to you.

With more than 1,500 instructional coaches and professional learning experts working in classrooms throughout the world, we have the experience, the curriculum, and the resources to collaboratively support you and your students wherever you’re located.

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Inspire all students in Peru to reach their greatest potential

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Latin America

Where Latin America comes to learn

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Middle East

Cultivate student success in the Middle East

Asia Update

Where Asia comes to learn

HMH Partner Resellers

The Partner Portal is designed for our trusted international HMH resellers, providing a centralized location for accessing relevant program, sales and marketing materials. Request access today through your Account Manager. Follow the link below to locate their details.