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HMH is dedicated to supporting the unique needs of homeschooling families through our award-winning K-12 products and commitment to excellence and innovation. Our materials and resources ensure that your homeschool curriculum meets the highest standards throughout your child’s academic career.

Together, we can provide a perfect homeschool curriculum where success is celebrated by students and families alike.

Proven Content 3

Proven Content

Excite and challenge students with time-tested content and innovative instruction that develops critical-thinking skills for future success.


Equal Access

Combine clear, authoritative text with engaging illustrations, examples, and purposeful student activities to accommodate different learning styles and meet every child’s needs.

Purposeful Tech 2

Purposeful Technology

Enhance instruction with interactive graphs, simulations, animations, videos, and assessment tools.

Our Curriculum

Take your child from grade school to graduation with award-winning content


Math proficiency is crucial for academic success, college and career growth, and future achievement. Our math solutions are designed to help your child develop the mindset and skills needed for lifelong math success. Programs include Math in Focus®, Saxon Math™, and Head for Home Math Skills workbooks.

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Reading & Language Arts

Our literacy programs employ instructional approaches for different age levels to ensure every child is engaged, empowered, and propelled toward reading and writing success. Programs include Saxon® Grammar and Writing, Core Skills workbooks, and Head for Home Reading Skills workbooks.

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Authors & Advisors

Partnering with the nation’s leading experts to ensure an equitable path for all

Stephen Hake Saxon Wf297647

Grades 5–12 Math Specialist and Author, Saxon Math

Nancy Larson Saxon Wf297647

Grades K–4 Math Teacher and District Math Coordinator

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