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Real Schools, Real Results

See firsthand how HMH programs and services support educators and help improve student outcomes.

Hear from educators across the country who have partnered with HMH and found success.

  • CC data driven WF1621156

    A Data-Driven Transformation

    See how the move to a digital blended curriculum provided the data tools teachers in Jones County, North Carolina needed to streamline instruction and personalize learning for each student, without having to purchase extra materials or sign in to multiple platforms.

  • CC power of connected solutions WF1621156

    The Power of Connected Solutions

    Hear firsthand from educators in Warren County, Kentucky about their experience driving student success ­using HMH’s combination of core and supplemental programs, built-in assessments, and ongoing professional development—all on one streamlined platform.

  • CC visionary partnership WF1621156

    A Visionary Partnership for Success

    Go behind the scenes of HMH’s partnership with Henry County, Georgia to future-proof schools with a blend of print and digital tools that ensure every student has access to the same rigorous instructional resources, whether they’re learning in the classroom or at home.

  • ELA right reading resources WF1621156

    The Right Reading Resources

    Third-grade teacher Alexandra Gray shares how HMH Into Reading put a range of resources at her fingertips, saving her time and helping her engage all learners.

  • ELA tools for building WF1621156

    Tools for Building Critical Readers

    Teachers and students describe how HMH Into Literature offers a variety of paper-based and digital texts, along with tools that aid comprehension, provide real-world grammar practice, and boost writing skills.

  • MATH math success WF1621156

    Math Success for All Learners

    Teachers and students describe how HMH Into Math provides a variety of tools to reach all learners, whether they are struggling or excelling, and move them forward.

  • MATH math program gets results WF1621156

    A Math Program That Gets Results

    Hear how HMH Into Math helped teachers in Kentucky scaffold lessons, resulting in students achieving exponential growth.

  • INTER reading success stories WF1621156

    A Reading Success Story

    Hear how Read 180® put Jamaica, a former student in Clovis, California, on a path to a bright future.

  • INTER support teachers and students WF1621156

    Supporting Teachers and Students

    A Read 180 teacher describes how the program’s tools allow him to tailor instruction to students’ specific needs and ensure they are always challenged.

  • INTER empowering math learners WF1621156

    Empowering Math Learners

    See how Math 180® gave a student from Norwalk, Connecticut, the confidence to become a leader in the classroom and consider pursuing a future career involving math.

  • SUPP proven approach WF1621156

    A Proven Approach to Writing Gains

    See how Writable® helps students take ownership of their writing, using tools that guide them through the process of prewriting, drafting, editing, and publishing.

  • SUPP personalized practice WF1621156

    Personalized Practice for ELA and Math

    Hear from teachers who see Waggle® as an assistant in the classroom, helping them to differentiate instruction and ensure every learner stays engaged and grows academically.

  • SUPP time to support WF1621156

    Time to Support Early Readers

    Hear from one district about how Amira Learning® extends the reach of the teacher, allowing them to do small-group lessons while other students are getting one-on-one instruction from Amira.

Personalized Learning
  • Fpo 2021

    Personalized Learning at Its Best

    Teachers say they’ve become more efficient in the classroom thanks to extensive resources from HMH that help them differentiate instruction for students and boost achievement.

  • PL tailoring lessons WF1621156

    Tailoring Lessons with Technology

    Hear about the digital transformation in Jones County, North Carolina that’s providing data to drive personalized learning and propel student growth.

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A Reading Success Story - Read 180