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Connect students to the stories that make us who we are
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Rich programs challenge assumptions and encourage critical thinking

With partners like HISTORY® and Google®, we’re creating a new arena in the classroom where students can relive, re-imagine, and reflect on our past and present.

Our content adheres to both Core Standards and the C3 Framework, giving students a solid foundation for excelling in college, career, and civic life.

We help teachers make the most of limited class time and allow students to learn on their own terms through differentiated instruction and interactive tools.

Experience our social studies programs in action.

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Broaden horizons by taking students on a trip around the world
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HMH Advanced Placement® & Electives

Give students a head start on college with courses that deepen understanding of key concepts and their real-world applications.

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Literacy Solutions®

Our professional learning services are focused on you, your learning style, and your preferences that guide the delivery of your learning.

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Our Partners
By joining together with leading content providers, we develop curricula that not only teach important lessons, but create fuller classroom experiences for students and teachers alike.
Partner History

From U.S. and world history to government and geography, HISTORY is the top destination for award-winning series and specials that bring the past to life.

Partner Google

With just viewers, smartphones, and tablets, Google Expeditions empowers classrooms to explore history and the world through 360° virtual field trips.

Partner Cce
Center for Civic Education

A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, the Center promotes an enlightened society by helping the public understand constitutional democracy.

Partner Kidsdiscover
Kids Discover

Kids Discover creates experiences for the modern classroom with vibrant nonfiction materials that get kids excited about social studies and science.

Connections Beyond the Classroom

Students want to make sense of the world around them. Teachers can engage students by bringing history and culture to life and connecting to resources that enrich and extend learning.

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2020 Election Connection, K–6

Inform and engage elementary students with a comprehensive, one-stop information hub for Election 2020, including age-appropriate readers’ theater scripts, presidential biographies, activities, and more.

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2020 Election Connection, 6–12

Inform and engage middle and high school students with a comprehensive, one-stop information hub for Election 2020, including vetted and unbiased articles, skills support activities, HISTORY videos, and more.

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Keeping It Current Newsletter

Get curated, age-appropriate content for engaging your students in national and world events, and propelling them on their journeys to becoming tomorrow's informed citizens and leaders!

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HMH Field Trips

Add a whole new dimension to Social Studies! Bring experiential learning into your social studies lessons without ever leaving the classroom. Download the Teacher's Guide to learn more!

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