Early Learning

Build foundations to help children develop a lifelong love of learning

Help little learners dream big

Early childhood is a time to encourage a love of learning and school with engaging instruction that allows children to develop their natural curiosity. With comprehensive curriculum, engaging libraries, and innovative applications for home and school, HMH provides young learners with every opportunity to build the foundations for lifelong achievement in PreK–Grade 2.

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Honor their curiosity
Honor their curiosity

As educators, it’s our job to ensure that we give children new experiences and opportunities to expand their knowledge and explore reading, science, math, social studies, art, and more.

Our Approach
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EXPLORE a wide world of learning

HMH programs surround children with new experiences and expand knowledge of reading, math, science, social studies, art, and more.

PLAY and develop a love of school

Whether using building blocks or interactive learning apps, HMH programs are built upon proven research but designed for fun.

PREPARE students with necessary skills

Beginning with PreK, HMH prepares children for every transition by developing the skills for academic, social, and emotional success.

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Our Programs
Encourage and engage from the start

Whether it’s building blocks or interactive learning apps, we have what you need to help children develop a love of learning that extends from PreK and beyond.

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Our Authors & Advisors
Meet the early learning experts

Our programs are based on research, but designed for fun. With the help of leading experts and practitioners in the field of early learning, young students can build the foundations necessary  for lifelong achievement.

Dr. Anne Cunningham
Professor, University of California, Berkeley; HMH Author
Dr. Julie Washington
Professor, Language Sciences, School of Education – University of California, Irvine; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board
Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams
Visiting Professor, Brown University
Dr. Maria Elena Arguelles
Educational Consultant, English Language Learners
Dr. Ted Hasselbring
Emeritus Professor, Vanderbilt University; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board
Dr. David Dockterman
Lecturer, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Dr. Elsa Cardenas-Hagan
Director, Valley Speech Language and Learning Center
Phyllis C. Hunter
Program Consultant, Children's Literacy
Dr. Karen Fuson
Professor Emerita, Northwestern University
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News & Events
The latest on early learning

See how our early learning solutions can work in your classroom.

Web Series

Promote lifelong learning and inspire curiosity with HMH Early Learning. Watch an online webinar as our experts share their latest research and best practices to improve early learning development.

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