A Vision for Student Growth

HMH Into Reading is more than a program—it is a vision to grow the next generation of learners and it starts with you!

From inspiring learners to supporting educators, HMH Into Reading was built to address the needs of the entire learning community to facilitate outcomes that elevate students, schools, districts, and communities.

Invest in Teachers

Intuitive and agile teaching tools allow you to do what you do best—deliver powerful, differentiated instruction.

Captivate Readers, Cultivate Writers

High-quality texts combine with engaging reading and writing workshops to strengthen critical skills.

Foster a Culture of Growth

An exclusive partnership with Mindset Works ensures the best program support for nurturing a Growth Mindset® every day.

Reading Inspires Writing

World-class texts ensure unparalleled synergy between reading and writing happens every day!

Curate a Library That Captivates

Explore the captivating, authentic literature that lies at the heart of HMH Into Reading with our interactive online collection.

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