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Build Confident Readers

Discover a proven path to reading and writing success for students in Grades K–6, with our literacy programs in Spanish and English.

Literacy Instruction Grounded in Research

HMH Into Reading, and our Spanish program ¡Arriba la Lectura!™, were built from the ground up using the latest in literacy research to ensure every student learns to read and write with confidence.

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    Science-Backed Instruction

    The HMH Into Reading curriculum is based on research in the essential elements of literacy with scaffolds for multilingual learners and a Spanish-English biliteracy solution.

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    Increased Student Outcomes

    Robust assessment data give teachers the information they need to differentiate reading instruction and monitor student progress toward literacy goals.

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    Texts That Build Knowledge

    Teachers have access to more award-winning, high-interest texts for whole-class shared reading than any other core program. Titles are available in print and digital formats.

  • A Teacher’s View

    Educators at Warren County School District in Kentucky share how HMH Into Reading’s rigor and options for differentiation contribute to their students’ growth and success.

Student Experience

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    Decodable Passages for Early Readers

    Support students as they build automaticity and fluency with a bank of text they can read independently.

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    Practice Made Fun!

    Students have online practice to reinforce foundational reading skills and vocabulary learned during whole-group lessons.

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    Building Topic Knowledge

    Text topics for Grades K-6 progress systematically so students build background knowledge and accelerate their reading growth.

Teacher Experience

  • Planning

    Actionable data and insights inform instruction that best meets the needs of each student. Planning is supported with 24/7 access to live and on-demand professional learning.

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  • Whole-Class Instruction

    Teachers help students master foundational skills through an evidence-based scope and sequence. At a glance, teachers can see how the skills that are addressed each week build on each other.

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  • Small-Group Rotations

    Decodable texts will be the star of small-group rotations! Plus, teachers save time thanks to ready-made lessons that provide targeted instruction aligned to HMH Into Reading.

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  • Independent Practice

    Teachers can precisely tailor instruction to each student’s needs. Amira Learning® is proven effective at differentiating instruction for emergent readers, multilingual learners, and students with dyslexia.

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  • Assessments

    With powerful reporting tools at their fingertips, teachers can assess oral reading fluency, screen for dyslexia, and gain timely insights to support student grade-level placement decisions.

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    Dynamic Instruction

    Teachers have everything they need in one place to facilitate systematic and explicit whole- and small-group reading instruction and to support students as they work independently.

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    Quick Access to Data

    Digital assessments provide teachers quick access to data, making it easy to identify learning gaps, differentiate instruction, and track student growth.

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    Unlimited Support from Day 1

    Success for teachers in the first 30 days! To get started with HMH Into Reading, teachers choose their pace, their topics, and the best live online sessions to fit their schedules.

There's nothing better than walking out of school at the end of the day and saying, 'The program that I'm using is meeting all my students’ needs and benefiting them in a powerful way.'

Samuel Gonzalez

2nd Grade Teacher, Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary, PA

A Research-Backed Solution for Biliteracy and Dual Language Settings

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    ¡Arriba la Lectura! K–6 combines research-driven instruction and the guidance of Spanish-literacy experts to provide comprehensive support for teachers and a measured path to growth in reading, writing, and communication for students.

The Power of Connected Teaching and Learning

Maximize teacher effectiveness and accelerate student learning. Pair HMH Into Reading with online practice and instruction.

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    1:1 Reading Tutoring and Assessment

    Amira® connects oral reading fluency assessment results with relevant HMH Into Reading content and resources. Students are automatically placed into 1:1 tutoring powered by dozens of precise micro-interventions.

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    Personalized Skill Practice

    Waggle® aligns with HMH Into Reading's scope and sequence to easily reinforce core instruction, foster social and emotional learning, and establish foundational reading skills in phonics, phonemic awareness, and fluency.

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    Scaffolded Writing Practice

    Writable® gives students the level of writing support that’s exactly right for them. Developed from rigorous foundational research, Writable is the only solution that tracks and improves student writing growth.

All-Green Rating from EdReports

Build confident readers and writers.

Insights and Resources

  • Science of Reading: Sound Walls in the Classroom

    Science of Reading: Sound Walls in the Classroom

    Based in the science of reading, sound walls in the classroom help educators reinforce the importance of explicitly teaching the skills of letter-sound correspondence.

    Jennifer Prescott
    Shaped Contributor

  • 5 Recommended Science of Reading Books That Will Cover What You Need to Know

    5 Recommended Science of Reading Books That Will Cover What You Need to Know

    Get book recommendations to learn more about the science of reading and see how children learn to read and develop as strategic readers.

    Francie Alexander
    Chief Research Officer, HMH

  • What Is Oral Reading Fluency?

    What Is Oral Reading Fluency?

    This article answers the question, what is oral reading fluency? It provides fluency teaching strategies after defining fluency and explaining why it's important.

    Dr. Amy Endo
    Education Research Director, Supplemental & Intervention Language & Literacy

  • Embracing Inclusivity with Culturally Responsive Books for All Students

    Embracing Inclusivity with Culturally Responsive Books for All Students

    Teachers should read or assign culturally responsive books with characters of different cultures, races, religions, genders, and other identities to help them understand themselves and each other.

    Jaleel R. Howard, MEd
    Educator and UCLA Doctoral Student

  • Read by Grade 3: Developing Foundational Skills for All Children

  • The Science of Reading: What Educators Should Know

  • Podcast: Serving Students, Country & Self with Samuel Gonzalez

    Podcast: Serving Students, Country & Self with Samuel Gonzalez

    Pennsylvania educator Samuel Gonzalez has been teaching for just two years, and all while studying for his doctorate and serving in the National Guard.

    Ali Habashi
    Shaped Editor

Build confident readers and writers with HMH Into Reading.