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Personalized Math Differentiation for ALL Learners

HMH Supplemental Math Curriculum Provides Differentiated Support

Whether closing math learning gaps or enriching advanced learners, our supplemental math programs provide the right support to boost student outcomes.

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    Easily Monitor Student Growth

    Assessments are part of a powerful toolkit for measuring and supporting growth in all learners. HMH equips leaders and teachers with actionable assessment data that connect with resources to teach, re-teach, and differentiate learning so all students can reach their full potential.

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    Built-In Support Reaches Every Learner’s Needs

    Meet the needs of every student through embedded ELD supports, scaffolding, and automated differentiated math instruction. As students build mathematical fluency and proficiency, they can envision themselves excelling in math.

Explore Our Supplemental Math Programs

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    Waggle for Grades K–8 is a gamified solution that provides personalized practice and instruction targeting a range of skills.

Hear One District’s Experience with HMH Supplemental Math

  • Engaging Every Student in the Classroom

    Waggle provides support for differentiation and maximizing instructional time. Educators from Warren County, KY, share their experiences.

Awards & Accolades

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    Deemed a “Standout” by Tech & Learning Judges: Math 180

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    Tech & Learning, Best of 2022 Winner: Waggle

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    EdTech Cool Tool 2022 Finalist: Math 180 and Waggle

  • Codie Finalist

    Codie Finalist: Waggle

Boost outcomes for every learner in math.

Insights & Resources

Learn more about various topics—from gamification of learning to productive struggle—related to our supplemental programs.

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    Technology and Personalized Learning

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  • How to Use Technology to Differentiate Instruction in the Classroom

    How to Use Technology to Differentiate Instruction in the Classroom

    Explore the challenges of differentiated instruction and how technology can help. Using technology to differentiate instruction assists in automating the process.

    Kathleen Richards
    Former HMH Senior Learning Scientist, ELA and Humanities

  • Podcast: Teachers in America

    Podcast: Teachers in America

    A comprehensive list of all of the Teachers in America podcast episodes, seasons 1-3.

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  • Podcast: Perseverance in Middle-School Math With Velnetta Runyon in WV on Teachers in America

    Podcast: Perseverance in Middle-School Math With Velnetta Runyon in WV on Teachers in America

    Velnetta Runyon’s goal is to show students not to be afraid of math. She ensures that her middle schoolers are believed in and are pushed to their fullest potential. In this episode, see how she teaches perseverance from the first day of school.

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