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Built for Teacher and Student Success

Go Math! for Grades K–6 combines trusted content, practice, and games with user-friendly tools aimed at guiding every learner toward mastery.

The Tools to Engage Learners at All Levels

Go Math! has provided trusted content for more than seven million students worldwide. Now we’ve incorporated more supports to ensure every teacher can feel confident teaching math. The program emphasizes ease of use, bringing together assessment, personalized and adaptive practice, and on-demand professional learning, on one manageable system.

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    One Time-Saving Platform

    Go Math! sets teachers up for success with a practical roadmap for daily lesson planning, assessment that automatically places students into personalized, adaptive practice, and access to rich professional development resources—all on a single platform.

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    Ready-to-Go Resources

    Our Tabletop Flipchart enhances small-group math instruction with ready-made mini lessons for targeted skills support. Additionally, Go Math! offers abundant resources for centers, differentiated math instruction, and the Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports teachers know and trust.

Attention, Current Go Math! Customers

Our new and improved Go Math! curriculum for Grades K–6 has arrived and is ready to meet the demands of today’s classrooms. Rest assured, we are still here to support teachers using the current version of the program.

Experience the Exciting Effectiveness of Go Math!

Hear a teacher describe how Go Math! helped students at various levels of proficiency succeed at math.

Student Experience
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    Authentic Learning Connections

    Go Math! is designed using the proven 5E instructional model, guiding students toward proficiency by building on their previous understanding of mathematical concepts. Embedded formative math assessments ensure students get the support they need.

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    Math Talk for Collaboration

    Embedded Math Talk and collaborative activities encourage lively discourse. Students of all languages feel safe to participate in the math community. Math Talk, new Launch Lessons, Math Centers, and games offer fun opportunities for investigation and discussion.

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    Acceleration for Every Learner

    Waggle goes beyond adaptive practice to complement daily lessons in supporting students at all proficiency levels with curated practice and learning activities that address individual skill gaps.

Last year, I had 63 students, all at varying levels. Out of those 63 kids, 100 percent of them passed. My principal said he’s never seen anything like it.

Danielle Lafontant

5th-Grade Teacher, Broward County Schools, FL

Teacher Experience
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    Streamlined Instruction

    Customizable Lesson Presentations

    Our streamlined lesson planning, which includes ready-made, editable Classroom Lesson Presentations, saves teachers hours of work.

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    Wida-Aligned Resources

    Support for Multilingual Learners

    Go Math! now includes extensive, WIDA-aligned supports for multilingual learners for every lesson, and additional proficiency-level support for pulled small-groups is available via the Tabletop Flipchart.

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    Teacher Success Pathways

    Unlimited Implementation Support

    Embedded on-demand training and week-by-week planning guidance build teacher confidence in just 30 days, putting them on a clear pathway to success.

The Power of Connected Teaching and Learning

Ed, HMH's learning platform, offers a connected teaching experience for Go Math! where assessment informs personalized practice, and teachers get the support they need, when they need it—all on one seamless system.

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    Benchmark Assessment

    HMH Growth Measure’s valid and reliable benchmark assessments can automatically place students into personalized, adaptive practice based on domain and grade-level readiness, and further provide teachers with timely insights into proficiency.

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    Personalized Skill Practice

    Waggle® aligns with Go Math!’s scope and sequence to easily reinforce instruction. The program takes advantage of the latest research on the gamification of learning and provides students the opportunity to work on isolated skills and standards with fun, engaging activities.

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    Unlimited Professional Learning

    Teacher’s Corner, exclusively from HMH, connects teachers across the globe in the Breakroom and in live online webinars. Teacher’s Corner also puts real-world classroom videos and best practices at teachers’ fingertips, on their schedule.

Learn how Go Math! boosts teacher and student success.

Insights and Resources

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    7 Strategies for Teaching Math to English Language Learners

    These ELL strategies for math instruction will help you with teaching math to English language learners and supporting math learning for multilingual students.

    Richard Blankman
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  • Technology and Personalized Learning

    Technology and Personalized Learning

    Discover the benefits of technology and personalized learning in the classroom—and digital tools that can automate the personalized learning process.

    Aoife Dempsey
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  • Coaching for Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching

    Coaching for Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching

    In order to teach math well, teachers need a specialized type of knowledge called mathematical knowledge for teaching.

    Dr. Sue Chapman
    Professional Learning Consultant, Heinemann

Learn how Go Math! boosts teacher and student success.