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Grades 9–12 Remote Learning Summer Science Activities: Up in the Sky

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Welcome! We’ve provided a variety of learning activities for you to begin exploring objects Up in the Sky.

Exploring Up in the Sky with Labs and Activities

It’s a Long Way to Neptune!

Astronomers use different units of measure to understand distances between objects in space. In this activity, you will use one of these units of measure to make a scale model of the solar system.

Modeling Parallax

Parallax is an apparent shift in the position of an object when viewed from different locations. Find a partner for this activity, then follow the procedure to see how parallax works!

Modeling the Expanding Universe

Use simple models to develop a better sense of how rates of expansion affect objects in the universe.

Careers to Explore Objects Up in the Sky


Spectroscopists study how electromagnetic (EM) radiation is absorbed, emitted, or scattered by matter. Why does that matter? Read on to find out!

Science Communicator

Not all people who are interested in science want to work in a lab or even in a single field of science. Some people who have a strong interest in science prefer to communicate scientific ideas. Read on to learn about different ways of communicating science.

Talk about what you learned about things Up in the Sky this week with your friends and family!

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