Reward the journey.

Celebrate the results.

Grades 2–8

When students enjoy what they’re doing, learning takes on new meaning and success becomes inevitable. By prioritizing fun, engaging practice and interactive learning over testing and leveling, Waggle transforms the learning experience for teachers and students alike.

Waggle offers educators a CODiE® award-winning, personalized learning solution that combines adaptive technology and gaming elements to engage students in a rigorous practice environment.

Harness the power of productive perseverance to engage and celebrate every learner!

The Waggle Difference

What makes Waggle unique? A focus on actionable insights combines with intelligent, adaptive technology that goes beyond calculating correct answers. Waggle’s assessment tools dig deeper to pinpoint why and where students are struggling to enable educators to provide the right practice at the right time.

Waggle goes beyond simply recording correct answers. It measures learning behavior so the program can more adeptly guide students towards proficiency. This way, both students and teachers know exactly where practice is needed.

Waggle is the only program with sophisticated enough technology to reward effort as much as right answers. Through positive reinforcement, Waggle is proven to encourage even the most reluctant students to persevere.

Waggle has carefully curated its content so students of all levels can meet regional standards and improve test scores. The program’s rigorous, yet nurturing, approach to problem solving prepares students to tackle challenges in and out of the classroom.

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