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Personalized Practice and Instruction for ELA and Math

Build foundations and accelerate skill growth in Grades K–8.

NWEA MAP Growth Placement Available!

NWEA® is now part of HMH. Active MAP® Growth customers can use student assessment scores to automatically place students into Waggle.

Spark learning with personalized practice and instruction for all levels.

From Kindergarten through 8th grade, Waggle grows with your students.

  • Fortify Foundational Skills

    Lively, animated characters ignite students’ imaginations and boost motivation and engagement

    • Students love the highly engaging, age-appropriate lessons with customizable avatars, badges, and rewards
    • Social and emotional learning and hints are infused into each lesson
    • Explicit, systematic phonics and phonemic awareness lessons build fluency

  • Reward Persistence and Make Learning Fun

    Games are introduced to motivate and challenge learners.

    • Helps students develop a positive, "can-do" attitude
    • Innovative multilingual learner support and Spanish instructional lessons
    • Lessons begin with engaging, instructional videos with real-world applications

  • Propel Students Toward Proficiency

    Adaptive practice moves students toward standards and skills proficiency so that they're ready for High School and beyond.

    • Supports long-term mastery of knowledge and skills by intermixing activities
    • Addresses key 21st-century skills and builds critical thinking
    • Precise personalization keeps students in their zones of proximal development

Easily differentiate instruction with fun, targeted practice at the right time for each student.

  • Dynamic Personalization

    Teachers reclaim time as Waggle places students in relevant, engaging practice and instruction.

    For customers with active licenses to MAP® Growth™ by NWEA®, teachers have the additional option to automatically place students into Waggle at their appropriate grade equivalency level.

  • Using 13 different data points, Waggle offers personalized assessment, instruction, and practice.

  • Embedded hints and feedback develop SEL competencies while addressing skill gaps.

  • Teachers get robust, real-time insight into skills mastery and student growth.

  • Support multilingual learners with ELD supports, vocabulary translations, and Spanish Lessons for grades 3-8.

Guide students to mastery with full skills coverage.

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    Present students with the right mathematical challenge at the right time to yield incredible growth in number sense, operations and algebraic thinking, geometry, and more.

  • ELA

    Bolster students’ confidence and prepare them for standardized tests with a full suite of ELA assignments on foundational skills, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, language conventions, and writing.

Quickly align practice sessions to every section of your HMH core classroom.

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    Waggle with HMH Math

    Teachers using any of the following math programs can quickly find and assign targeted resources in Waggle with embedded table of contents, while students are dynamically routed to relevant practice that supports program lessons.

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    Waggle with HMH English Language Arts

    Teachers using the following ELA programs will find the program’s Table of Contents directly embedded within Waggle with recommended lessons and practice assignments to reinforce skills in your weekly lessons!

The proof is in the data.

  • 23.4 percentage point increase in math

  • 12.9% improvement in reading results

Awards & Accolades

  • Codie 2023 Winner Awards 1x1

    2023 SIIA CODiE Winner

    Best Gamification in Learning

  • Tech and Learning Award of Excellence BTS Awards 1x1

    Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence

    Best of 2022 Winner

  • Irish Animation Awards 2023 Awards 1x1

    Irish Animation Award

    Best Animation in Apps, Games, and Interactive

Learn how Waggle grows with your students.

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Learn how Waggle grows with your students.