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Partner with HMH for Student Growth

Technology gives teachers and leaders a powerful tool to inform decisions that drive positive student outcomes. HMH’s approach combines the best technology with personalized professional learning, the most comprehensive curriculum, and best-in-class assessment.

Exciting News! NWEA® is now part of HMH. Together, NWEA and HMH give leaders and teachers even greater insight into students’ needs and gains.

Benefits of Connected Teaching and Learning

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    For Leaders:

    • Partner with HMH to align K–12 curricula, assessments, and professional learning to student MTSS needs and accelerate student growth like never before.
    • Get the data to allocate resources appropriately, identify what’s working and where gaps exist, understand program usage, and measure student growth.
    • Access timely, on-demand resources, like classroom videos, classroom observation “look for” lists, and live events in Leader’s Corner on HMH Ed™.
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    For Teachers:

    • Unlimited professional learning and guided learning pathways get teachers up and running with their HMH programs.
    • Powerful teaching tools turn efficacious content into personalized lessons to drive student growth.
    • Parent-teacher conference resources make student growth conversations effortless.
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    For Students:

    • Students can take classwork wherever they go, even without internet access.
    • Assignments and resources can be easily accessed and organized in one place.
    • Customizable avatars and classroom competitions make learning fun.
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    For Families and Caregivers:

    • Families and caregivers can access their child’s lessons and assignments.
    • Equitable, at-home learning resources are available in English and Spanish.
    • On-demand tips and videos are personalized for every student.

HMH creates a well-calibrated system in the district because all the teachers are using the same services and learning the same content. My fifth-grade teachers can talk to my eighth-grade teachers, knowing they all have something in common. It really lends itself to creating an automatic PLC.

George Rodriguez

Director of Educational Services, Earlimart School District, CA

Seamless Platform-to-Platform Integrations

Educators using Ed resources with a learning management system (LMS) benefit from automated grouping, differentiation, and lesson-planning tools. HMH’s various rostering options ensure digital learning is ready for teachers and students before the first day of school.

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    The Best Content in Your LMS

    • Easily access HMH content via Google Classroom, Canvas®, and Schoology®.
    • HMH supports the newest LTI connections on the market.
    • Enjoy grade passback, assessments, standards-aligned resources, and more in an LMS.
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    Simple and Secure Rostering

    • HMH customers new to ClassLink® are eligible for a one-year free trial of Roster Server Lite.
    • Use HMH with Clever® for automated, secure rostering and SSO.
    • Choose from self-service, partner-based, and other easy rostering options.

The Power of HMH Connected Solutions

Explore Our Suite of Connected Solutions

Precise assessment and shared reporting anchor our comprehensive curriculum. The result? Standards-aligned, differentiated teaching and learning moments.

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    • Math
    • ELA
    • Science
    • Social Studies


    • Differentiated Practice and Instruction for Math and ELA
    • Reading and Fluency Assessment
    • 1:1 Reading Tutoring
    • Writing across the Curriculum

    Professional Learning

    • Coaching Subscription
    • On-Demand Resources
    • Live, Online Courses
    • Leader Learning


    • Intensive Reading Intervention
    • Intensive Math Intervention
    • Academic Language for Multilingual Learners

Awards & Accolades

  • Codie-2023-Winner_Awards

    2023 SIIA CODiE Winner

    HMH ELA K–12 Connected Curriculum

  • Codie-2023-Winner_Awards

    2023 SIIA CODiE Finalist

    Teacher Success Pathways, Teacher’s Corner®

  • 1EdTech-Certification_Awards

    1EDTECH Certified

    HMH is 1EDTECH certified as a trusted, secure ecosystem for personalized learning

Want to learn more about our connected solutions?

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