Hero Science Dimensions WF1626406

Engineered for Success with NGSS

Empower students in Grades K–12 to learn science through self-directed exploration, analysis, application, and explanation.

Designed to Address the Next Generation Science Standards*

HMH Science Dimensions K–12 and HMH Dimensiones de las Ciencias™ K–8 + Biología put students in charge of their learning and enable teachers to seamlessly guide their students on a proven instructional path.

  • Cohesive Curriculum Science Dimensions WF1626406

    Cohesive Curriculum Engages Students

    With its cohesive, spiraled approach, the NGSS curriculum provides a consistent and engaging experience from kindergarten through high school.

  • Empowering Student Led Science Dimensions WF1626406

    Empowering, Student-Led Lessons

    Activity-driven lessons put students in charge of their learning, while teachers guide the process and ensure mastery of standards, leading to greater student achievement.

  • Distinguished Authorship Science Dimensions WF1626406

    Distinguished Authorship Team Ensures Success

    Developed by science thought leaders and education experts, HMH Science Dimensions gives teachers the tools they need to prepare students for the world beyond the classroom.

Inspire the Next Generation of Scientists and Innovators

  • Encouraging Students to Explore through Experimentation

    HMH Science Dimensions motivates students to ask questions, state claims, test their ideas, and find resolution through reasoning—skills needed for next-generation careers.

Elevate Science Literacy and Engineering to Meet the NGSS with Ease

  • Science Dimensions Student Experience 1 WF1626406

    Build Confidence with Authentic Investigations

    Each lesson begins with a Can You Explain It? question—a problem to solve or a discrepant event to explain. This feature sparks curiosity in students and serves as the context for three-dimensional learning and hands-on activities.

  • Drive Learning With Handson Science Dimensions WF1626406

    Drive Learning with Hands-On Activities and Labs

    Students actively “do science” through hands-on science activities and labs; they think critically about their observations, practice gathering evidence, and defend their claims.

  • Elevate Engineering Science Dimensions WF1626406

    Inspire Students to Consider a Career in STEM

    STEM is integrated into every unit, emphasizing engineering design as well as scientific literacy. Take it Further features careers in science and engineering to show students the real-world applications of what they’re learning.

Teacher Experience
  • Three Dimensional Learning Science Dimensions WF1626406

    Three-Dimensional Learning Made Simple

    This science curriculum uses the 5E Instructional Model and each lesson has unique interrelated 3D Learning Objectives that ensure 100% coverage of the NGSS. The HMH NGSS trace tool allows teachers to quickly view what students should already know and what they need to learn next.

  • Let Students Show What They Know Science Dimensions WF1626406

    Let Students Show What They Know

    Flexible assessment tools are available in various formats, including formal, performance-based, and technology-enhanced assessments, to evaluate student learning according to NGSS.

  • Appropriate Component Config Science Dimensions WF1626406

    Appropriate Component Configurations

    HMH Science Dimensions provides a consistent pedagogical approach from kindergarten through high school, with component configurations across grade bands that ensure ease of implementation and standards alignment.

Components of HMH Science Dimensions

  • Grades K–5

    Single-grade elementary editions feature complete print and digital curricula, including write-in textbooks and Interactive Online Student and Teacher Editions with built-in professional development support.

    Girl With Tablet Hmh Sci Dim Wf284935
  • Grades 6–8

    At the middle school level, 12 topical modules (write-in texts plus full digital editions) covering Life, Earth & Space, Physical Science, and Engineering can be matched to a district’s curriculum.

    Teacher Students Outside Hmh Sci Dim Wf284935
  • Dimensiones de las Ciencias

    Components include interactive write-in Spanish worktexts for Grades K–8 (including a hardcover Spanish text for Biology), Spanish assessment guides for Grades K–8, and a Spanish Teacher Edition for Grades K–5.

    WF1530101 dimensionesdelaciencias
  • Biology

    A complete print and digital curriculum that offers the flexibility of a consumable or non-consumable Student Text, both including the same content and utilizing innovative design to reinforce student-centric learning.

    Students Lab Hmh Sci Dim Wf284935
  • Chemistry

    A complete print and digital curriculum with a hardcover Student Text that utilizes innovative design to reinforce student-centric learning.

    Wf60694 Physics 1600 900
  • Earth & Space Science

    A complete print and digital curriculum with a hardcover Student Text that utilizes innovative design to reinforce student-centric learning.

    Science Class Hmh Sci Dim Wf284935
  • Physics

    A complete print and digital curriculum that offers the flexibility of a consumable or non-consumable Student Text, both including the same content and utilizing innovative design to reinforce student-centric learning.

    Wf60694 Chemistry 1600 900
  • AP & Electives

    HMH Advanced Placement & Electives provides personalized learning supports within proven content and instruction to deepen every student’s understanding of critical concepts and their real-world applications.

    1161224 SCIDIM Explore

The Power of Connected Teaching and Learning

Ed, the HMH learning platform, combines the best of technology, HMH Science Dimensions content, and instruction to personalize the teaching and learning experience.

  • Immersive Digital Curriculum Science Dimensions WF1626406

    Immersive Digital Curriculum

    Online lessons are enriched above and beyond print lessons. Students can view videos and animations, interact with instructional images and text, enter responses, pursue intellectual interests by choosing lesson paths, and enjoy simulation-based learning.

  • Support for Teaching Science Dimensions WF1626406

    Support for Teaching and Learning

    Via Ed, educators can manage classes and assignments and schedule virtual classroom sessions. They can quickly access content, search program resources, and create customized lessons and assessments. Class and student performance data in the Assessment and Standards Reports inform grouping and support instructional decisions.

  • At Home Online Support Science Dimensions WF1626406

    At-Home and Offline Support

    Ed’s connected experience supports both in-person and online learning. HMH Go extends the classroom by allowing students to download their HMH Science Dimensions digital resources for later offline use.

Professional Learning for HMH Science Dimensions

  • Guided Implementation

    With unlimited HMH Science Dimensions support, teachers will be up and running in 30 days and have continued access to essential resources all year long.

    PL guided implementation 2
  • Coaching Membership

    Partner with an HMH instructional coach for ongoing professional learning to enhance teaching and learning practices and maximize student outcomes with HMH Science Dimensions.

    PL Coaching Membership Science Dimensions WF1626406
  • Leadership Advisory

    Drive transformation and navigate an HMH Science Dimensions implementation with the Advisory Services team at the International Center for Leadership in Education.

    PL Leadership Advisory Science Dimensions WF1626406
  • Teacher’s Corner

    Yearlong teacher support through live events, articles, and on-demand videos provide educators with help whenever needed.

    PL Teachers Corner Science Dimensions WF1626406

Simplify the transition to next-generation science.

Insights and Resources

  • What Happens After 'Failure' in the Science Classroom?

    What Happens After 'Failure' in the Science Classroom?

    Teaching about failure in an engineering context can help students better understand how this becomes a learning opportunity.

    Dr. Cary Sneider
    NGSS Writing Team Leader, Associate Research Professor at Portland State University

  • What Are Evidence Notebooks in the Science Classroom?

    What Are Evidence Notebooks in the Science Classroom?

    Students use evidence notebooks to record observations and predictions, make sketches, and note questions that they have.

    Michael DiSpezio
    Author, ScienceFusion and HMH Science Dimensions Programs

  • Integrating Science With Engineering and Tech in the Classroom

    Integrating Science With Engineering and Tech in the Classroom

    Understanding the connections between science, engineering, and technology are important to monitoring planets and other parts of our solar system.

    Dr. Mike Passow
    Former Classroom Teacher; Past President, National Earth Science Teachers Association

  • Next Generation Science Standards in Action

  • All Standards, All Students—A Case Study: Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and NGSS

  • Integrating Literacy into the Science Classroom

Simplify the transition to next-generation science with HMH Science Dimensions.

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