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Students are natural scientists—born with a curiosity that fuels learning. Educators have the critical role of channeling this innate learning power to help students think like real scientists. With new science standards in place, this role has taken on greater importance—and more complexity.

Designed from the ground up to address the Next Generation Science Standards*, HMH Science Dimensions puts students in charge of their learning and enables teachers to seamlessly guide their students on this new instructional path. This unique NGSS curriculum means better engagement, deeper understanding, and greater student achievement.

Supports teachers and students with an authentic approach to science.

Inspires today’s students to excel in tomorrow’s STEM careers.

Delivers real-world science experiences with rich media and digital interaction.

A true NGSS K-12 program, built from the ground up

Research-tested at every stage of development by science educators and NGSS advisors, HMH Science Dimensions stands alone as a program designed—not just aligned—to help teachers and students approach science learning in a whole new way.

See what HMH Science Dimensions has in store for your classroom.

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Simplify the transition to next-generation science

Designed for an inspiring, high-impact K–12 learning experience, HMH Science Dimensions creates a supportive instructional path for teachers and a dynamic learning environment for students. Teachers guide students to learn through exploration, analysis, application, and explanation—in short, to think like scientists.

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Groundbreaking spiraled curriculum

Consistent standards guidance woven through all grade levels gives instructors the freedom to make science meaningful and enjoyable.

Empowering student-led lessons

Activity-driven lessons put students in charge of their learning and empower teachers to guide the self-directed learning process and mastery of standards.

Distinguished author team

Developed by science thought leaders and education experts, HMH Science Dimensions gives teachers the tools they need to prepare students for the world that awaits them beyond the classroom.

Student Experience

The goal of the NGSS is to prepare students to master the science of their time, equipping them for careers in STEM and engineering fields. HMH Science Dimensions’ three-dimensional learning approach arms students with the tools and habits of mind needed to apply scientific reasoning and solve STEM problems relevant to everyday life.

Teacher Experience

With new demands for science literacy in the workplace, teachers are preparing today’s students to be tomorrow’s innovators. HMH Science Dimensions’ built-in support and unique lesson structure enables students to learn through self-directed exploration, analysis, application, and explanation—just like scientists.

Get Continuous Professional Development
Get Continuous Professional Development

With HMH Science Dimensions professional learning educators will benefit from a community of live support, including bite-sized, on-demand content that’s curated, relevant, and applicable. This built-in professional learning ensures ongoing professional growth.

Our grade-level solutions

Designed to accommodate diverse teaching and learning approaches in today’s elementary, middle, and high school classrooms, HMH Science Dimensions meets every need with well-planned, integrated components.

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Grades K–5

Single-grade elementary editions feature complete print and digital curricula, including write-in textbooks and Interactive Online Student and Teacher Editions with built-in professional development materials.

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Grades 6–8

At the middle school level, 12 topical modules (write-in texts plus full digital editions) covering Life, Earth & Space, Physical Science, and Engineering can be matched to a district’s curriculum.

Wf1530101 Dimensionesdelaciencias
Dimensiones de las Ciencias

Components include interactive write-in Spanish worktexts for Grades K–8 (including a hardcover Spanish text for Biology), Spanish assessment guides for Grades K–8, and a Spanish Teacher Edition for Grades K–5.

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A complete print and digital curriculum that offers the flexibility of a consumable or non-consumable Student Text, both including the same content and utilizing innovative design to reinforce student-centric learning.

Wf60694 Physics 1600 900

A complete print and digital curriculum with a hardcover Student Text that utilizes innovative design to reinforce student-centric learning.

Science Class Hmh Sci Dim Wf284935
Earth & Space Science

A complete print and digital curriculum with a hardcover Student Text that utilizes innovative design to reinforce student-centric learning.

Wf60694 Chemistry 1600 900

A complete print and digital curriculum that offers the flexibility of a consumable or non-consumable Student Text, both including the same content and utilizing innovative design to reinforce student-centric learning.

1161224 Scidim Explore
HMH AP & Electives

HMH Advanced Placement & Electives provides personalized learning supports within proven content and instruction to deepen every student’s understanding of critical concepts and their real-world applications.

See what HMH Science Dimensions has in store for your classroom.

Related Solutions
Sciencesaurus Cv Wf1355051

ScienceSaurus is a supplemental science resource that boosts science literacy skills for students in Grades K–8.

Science Engineering Lr Cv Wf1355051 Vs2
Science & Engineering Leveled Readers

Science & Engineering Leveled Readers deliver multiple reading levels—On-Level, Extra Support, and Enrichment—to help students build science literacy.

Infact Cv Wf1355051 Vs2
InFact Readers

inFact’s nonfiction informational texts for Grades K–5 encourage students to read closely and find evidence, boosting comprehension skills and success on high–stakes standardized tests. With awe-inspiring visuals, a wide variety of science and social studies topics, and precise leveling across 91 titles, inFact ensures just the right book for every student!

Wf1530101  Hmh Dimensiones De Las Ciencias

Spanish Edition

HMH Dimensiones de las Ciencias

Cultivate young scientists with content that excites, assessments that propel differentiated instruction, and tailored support that ensures all Spanish-speaking learners meet and master today’s standards.

Student Resources
583596 Dimensiones Se
Spanish Student Edition

Grades K–5

Interactive, write-in WorkTexts for each grade introduce students to the fundamentals of scientific exploration.

Grades 6–8

Covering the domains of life science, physical science, Earth and space science, and engineering, a collection of 12 individual write-in texts guides students through critical concepts.


High school students developing English language skills are also supported with a fully Spanish Biology hardcover text.

Teacher Resources
583596 Dimensiones Tg
Spanish Teacher Guide

Organized around the familiar 5E instructional model, the Spanish Teacher Edition for Grades K-5 provides Spanish translations of teacher prompts and student responses.

583596 Dimensiones Assessments
Assessment Guide

Intentionally designed, research-backed formal assessment questions align to multiple dimensions to provide you with a comprehensive picture of student understanding.

Available online, in print, and in an editable Word format, the Guía de Evaluación includes:

  • Beginning-of-Year Tests
  • Unit Pretests
  • Lesson Quizzes
  • Unit Tests
  • Mid-Year and End-of-Year Benchmark Tests
  • Performance-Based Assessments

See how HMH Dimensiones De Las Ciencias Supports Your Students


Research & Results

The proof is in the numbers

Our third-party efficacy reports show statistically significant improvement in both low and high pretest students using HMH Science Dimensions.

Authors Advisors


Let our experts guide your transition to next-generation science

Our distinguished author team’s combined expertise as education thought leaders, classroom veterans, and science practitioners has resulted in a groundbreaking approach to 21st-century science.

Dr. Cary Sneider
NGSS Writing Team Leader, Associate Research Professor at Portland State University
Marjorie Frank
Author, ELD Specialist
Michael DiSpezio
Author, ScienceFusion and HMH Science Dimensions Programs
Dr. Stephen Nowicki
Dean and Vice Provost, Duke University
Dr. Mike Heithaus
Dean and Professor, Florida International University, Miami
Dr. Mike Passow
Former Classroom Teacher; Past President, National Earth Science Teachers Association
Dr. Thomas O’Brien
Professor, Graduate School of Education at SUNY Binghamton
Bernadine Okoro
2010–2011 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, National Science Foundation Fellow
Jeff Rylander
Physics Teacher, Instructional Supervisor
John Galisky
Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, Curriculum Developer
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