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Center for Model Schools

Partner with the Center for Model Schools to Build the Future of Education

The International Center for Leadership in Education is now the Center for Model Schools. Our name is new but our focus on supporting teachers and leaders in service of students is the same. And coming soon, additional ways to engage in year round personalized leadership experiences. Every child deserves a Model School and leaders make it happen.


    We don’t accomplish anything in education alone

    Join our Model Schools Conference to connect, be inspired, reimagine, and reignite! Share strategies, learn from thought-provoking industry leaders, and reflect on personal and professional growth.

Professional Development for Leaders to Address Today's Challenges

  • Model Schools Conference

    Transformation in education is achieved through purposeful, consistent actions, driven by a clear vision of what's best for students. Since 1991, Model Schools Conference has been the only event where educators take center stage, featuring teachers and leaders who have achieved incredible results to showcase the way for attendees to implement meaningful change when they return home.

  • Transformational Leadership Network

    Leadership can feel lonely, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The Transformational Leadership Network connects leaders who share similar challenges in three unique ways:

    1. Inter-district cohort sessions, facilitated by experts in Improvement Science.​
    2. Personalized 1:1 collaboration, focused on meeting the school and district’s specific goals​
    3. Flexible engagement options, including a range of in person, synchronous and asynchronous opportunities​
  • Leadership Coaching

    As a leader, you have a vision for your district. Let Leadership Consulting be your partner in bringing your vision to life.

    Every consultant, keynote speaker, and coach from The Center for Model Schools brings a proven history of achieving transformational change and will work collaboratively with leaders and teachers in your district—providing tangible strategies and practical actions that drive school-wide transformation.

Our coach continues to challenge my thinking every time she comes. I can see my growth as a leader throughout this year, and I attribute a lot of that growth to this coaching.

Kelly Folliard

Administrator, Kirby School District, IL

Our Team

Our thought leaders are driving the way forward in education.

  • Adam Drummond WF1647850

    Adam Drummond, EdD

    Associate Partner, The Center for Model Schools and Author, Instructional Leadership

  • Joshua Starr WF1647850

    Dr. Joshua P. Starr

    Managing Partner, The Center for Model Schools and Author, Equity-Based Leadership

  • WF1658600 tyronne howard

    Dr. Tyrone C. Howard

    Professor, UCLA; Senior Fellow, The Center for Model Schools; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board

  • WF1658600 Rachael Harshman

    Rachael Harshman

    Director of Professional Learning, The Center for Model Schools

  • WF1658600 pamela palmer

    Pamela Palmer

    Director of Professional Learning, The Center for Model Schools

  • WF1658600 charlotte thomas marabel

    Charlotte R. Thomas-Marable, EdD

    Director of Professional Learning, The Center for Model Schools

  • WF1658600 andrea tottosy

    Andrea Tottossy

    Director of Professional Learning, The Center for Model Schools

  • WF1658600 jillian whatley

    Dr. Jillian Whatley

    Director of Professional Learning, The Center for Model Schools

Build the future of education with us.

Insights and Resources

  • Rigor Relevance Framework Hero2

    Powerful Teaching with the Rigor and Relevance Framework

    Center for Model Schools Managing Partner Dr. Joshua P. Starr describes how the rigor and relevance framework engages students in deeper learning.

  • Rigor and relevance rubrics

    Rigor, Relevance, Engagement, and Relationships Rubrics

    Find rigor and relevance rubrics that help teachers and administrators evaluate instructional design and student learning.

  • 100-Day Principal Plan text

    100-Day New Principal Entry Plan

    Becoming a principal is a great accomplishment, but now that you have the job, what’s next? Learn how to put a first 100-days entry plan in place.

  • Interview Questions for Hiring an Instructional Coach

    Instructional Coach Interview Questions

    Get instructional coach interview questions, plus additional expert tips on what it takes to best support teachers.

  • Two Ways to Address the Challenges in Education

    Two ways to address the challenges in education are by strengthening school culture and improving the system.

  • 7 Pillars of Digital Leadership in Education

    Eric Sheninger’s 7 Pillars of Digital Leadership offers a strong foundation for leaders to embrace the use of technology in their leadership and schools.