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Building Equitable Experiences for Everyone

HMH Products Support Accessibility

HMH designs products that help our customers tailor their instructional experiences to meet specific needs, learning paths, and goals. Our products incorporate:

Screen Reader

Screen Reader Functionality


Keyboard Navigation

Accessible Video

Alternative Text and Audio Description


Refreshable Braille

Zoom and Contrast

Magnification and Color Contrast

Text Edit

Highlighter and Eraser Tools

How We Approach Accessibility

HMH is committed to providing inclusive, affirming, and accessible curriculum materials and learning tools for students and teachers. We are dedicated to improving their experiences and providing equitable teaching and learning environments by implementing digital accessibility and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.

We Develop Accessible Materials

HMH strives to create digital content that can be accessed with or without the aid of assistive technology by all users.

A group of middle school students. They are sitting on concrete steps and reading from books and mobile devices.

We Create Accessible User Experiences

We recognize that not all learning experiences will be the same for all students. That’s why we design content that is centered on best practices and the needs of diverse users by attending to reading order, embedding alternative text, and creating content that works with screen readers.

A parent sits with their child. They are looking at a laptop.

We Align with Applicable WCAG Specifications

HMH’s content development practices include evaluating accessibility needs and requirements based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We continually work to improve our standardized practices and use the data we collect to help us create, refine, and expand the accessibility of our content and platforms.

Classroom children engaging with the HMH Get Curious product on a laptop.

We Implement Standardized Practices

We continuously update our standardized practices to meet accessibility guidelines. New products developed after 2018 have been designed using these practices.

A student is reading from a refreshable braille device

Promoting a Culture that Values Accessibility

We strive to create a culture of growth through learning. We do this by educating team members on accessibility practices, expanding their awareness, and providing a connection to the educators who use our products and services.

  • Ongoing Internal Education
    • HMH Accessibility Advisory Board: Serves to drive consistency across HMH products and lines of business
    • HMH AccessAbilities Employee Resource Group: Provides a space for employees to advocate, educate, and synthesize accessible solutions for the diverse needs of educators
    • Content Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Initiative: Supports product development teams by providing guidance on disability inclusion and representation in our products
    Team members are meeting at a table to discuss accessibility opportunities
  • Being Transparent with Users

    We listen to our users and are committed to improving our entire learning experience by making our products as accessible as possible. HMH has made strides in addressing user concerns, and we aim to understand and meet their needs through ongoing improvements.

    Two teachers are looking at a laptop.
  • Committed to Continuous Growth

    HMH strives to anticipate the needs of diverse learners. If there are gaps in our practices, we will collaborate with educators to find solutions. We welcome questions and feedback on inclusive design and accessibility.

    Two students playing a fun sensory classroom activity involving vegetable shortening and ice water.
Team members are meeting at a table to discuss accessibility opportunities
Two teachers are looking at a laptop.
Two students playing a fun sensory classroom activity involving vegetable shortening and ice water.

Contact our team with any accessibility-related questions or feedback.