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Boost Science and Literacy Skills

ScienceSaurus for Grades K–8 delivers science and literacy content in one comprehensive resource.

Unlocking the Wonders of Science Exploration

ScienceSaurus is the smart choice for seamlessly integrating science and literacy. The handbook engages students with dynamic visuals and clear explanations of concepts in life, earth, physical, and environmental science, as well as in natural resources, and engineering and technology. Educators can use this all-in-one resource for reviewing and reinforcing science content while building literacy skills.

Key Science Concepts

With ScienceSaurus handbooks, educators can reinforce essential topics, including grade-level scientific investigations, data analysis, lab skills and safety, how to write lab reports, and test preparation skills. The handbooks are grade-banded for K–1, 2–3, 4–5, and 6–8.


A User-Friendly Resource

This user-friendly handbook answers science questions while building literacy skills. Each section features broad topics, such as environment, and more focused topics, such as water pollution. Tables, charts, graphs, science timelines, and glossaries bring science to life.


Flexible Implementation

Available in hardcover or softcover, ScienceSaurus can be used with any science curriculum. It is included as a digital supplement with HMH Into Science® for Grades K–5 and 6–8, and as a print and digital supplement with HMH Science Dimensions® for Grades K–8.

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Ensure students master key science concepts.

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