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Grades K–8 Science Curriculum
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The ScienceSaurus® handbook is ideal for any science classroom, integrating science content and literacy skill-building in one comprehensive resource. Clear, concise texts and special features help students master key science concepts.

ScienceSaurus covers life, Earth, and physical science; environmental science and natural resources; and engineering and technology topics. With dynamic visuals, these resources are engaging and flexible for presentation, review, or reinforcement of science content.

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ScienceSaurus is available in softcover and hardcover. It covers essential topics including grade-level scientific investigations, data analysis, lab skills and safety, how to write lab reports, and test preparation skills.

The handbooks are grade-banded for Grades K–1, 2–3, 4–5, and 6–8.

ScienceSaurus is a user-friendly resource that you can turn to whenever you have any questions related to science.

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