Invention Convention Ideas for School Projects

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Invention convention ideas

As your students start brainstorming invention convention ideas, you may hear them say they can't think of anything to invent. In invention conventions, students generally develop creative innovations to solve real-world problems.

Annually, more than 100,000 students also participate in Invention Convention Worldwide. Students are ultimately invited to present their inventions at Nationals by way of local contests. Teams of up to four students may participate, and this year's competition will be held virtually. Find your local Invention Convention program here.

Invention Projects for Middle and High School Students

We've come up with the inventions listed below that students can use as sources of inspiration when brainstorming their own ideas.

Helping-Hand Inventions

  • Device that cleans gutters
  • Plastic product that holds a book while you eat
  • Rake that allows you to pick up leaves without bending over
  • Robot that distributes and collects student papers
  • Device to hold objects for disabled people who use a walker
  • Alert that signals when mail has been delivered to a roadside mailbox
  • Wrapping paper that doesn't require tape
  • Bird feeder that protects feed from wind and rain
  • Drying rack for gloves
  • Liquid that covers fade marks on blue jeans

Fun Inventions

  • New board game
  • New candy bar
  • Comfortable swing set
  • Computer program that includes graphics and music for entertaining children aged 3 months to 4 years

Inventions for Staying Organized and Mess-Free

  • Billfold that organizes money by denomination for blind people
  • Clothing tags to help match and coordinate clothes
  • Computer program that catalogs videotapes
  • Toothpaste cap that minimizes waste and mess
  • Ice cream container that minimizes mess
  • Chocolate-candy device that prevents ice cream cones from dripping

Health and Safety Inventions

  • Dog collar that lights up at night
  • Support that prevents an infant from falling over
  • Glove with a light for signaling turns when riding a bike at night
  • Outdoor flashing light that helps police, firemen, or other emergency workers find the house that made a call for assistance
  • Bus-stop night light
  • Hearing-aid guard
  • Lunch-box alarm that goes off when an unauthorized person opens the box
  • Child's seat that fits a shopping cart
  • Light switch for young children

Inventions for Comfort

  • Leg cast sock to keep toes warm
  • Device that prevents blisters from forming on hands when raking, shoveling, or sweeping
  • Comforter for cats
  • Device that makes it easier to swallow pills
  • Rain poncho designed for use when riding a bicycle
  • Eyeglass defogging device

Have More Invention Project Ideas?

If you have more good invention ideas for school to share, email us at or reach out on Twitter (@HMHCo) or Facebook.


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