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Discover Funding for Schools and Districts

K–12 Stimulus Funds

Congress has passed several economic stimulus packages (CARES, CRRSA, and ARP) to help schools provide continuity of learning and prepare for post-pandemic needs.

Flexible Spending

Education leaders can use funds to purchase instructional materials, educational software, professional learning, assessments, as well as summer-school and after-school activities. A portion must be used to implement evidence-based interventions to address unfinished learning.

ESSER Funding

The portion of stimulus funds that impact K–12 public schools is known as ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief).
Check out our ESSER Funding Guide to see how HMH solutions align with ESSER priorities.

EANS Funding

Non-public schools have access to EANS (Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools) stimulus funds. Find eligible solutions in our EANS Funding Guide to meet private and parochial schools' particular needs.

Attention: The Next Stimulus Deadline 
Is September 30, 2024

Contact your Account Executive to learn how HMH solutions match your priorities.

Explore Funding Sources for Education

Strategic investments can have lasting impacts for students and educators.

  • Title I

    Provides additional academic support and learning opportunities for low-achieving, disadvantaged youth.

  • Title II

    Includes preparation, training, and retention efforts for teachers and leaders.

  • Title III

    Helps English learners attain English proficiency and academic proficiency.

  • Title IV

    Offers students access to a well-rounded education and improves school conditions for student learning.

  • School Improvement

    Provides additional support for low-performing schools identified by each state’s accountability plan.

  • IDEA

    Ensures that children with disabilities have access to a free, appropriate public education designed to meet their unique needs.

  • Perkins V (CTE)

    Offers industry training and career pathways for students to transition into postsecondary education or employment.

  • Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)

    Provides students at BIE-funded schools with a culturally relevant, high-quality education.

  • ESSER/EANS (Stimulus)

    Offers stimulus funds for ESSER (Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief) and EANS (Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools) to help the education community tackle ongoing challenges due to the pandemic.

A Reading Success Story

See how Read 180 put Jamaica, a student in Clovis, California, on a path to a bright future.

Identify Funding Priorities

HMH solutions are investments in an instructional infrastructure that’s scalable to serve all students’ unique learning needs, sustainable throughout their school careers, and proven to get results that will put them on a path to success. Choose the right solutions to meet school or district needs.

Proven Intervention

Count on evidence-backed intervention curriculums that are built on 20+ years of proven results.

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Effective Supplemental Solutions

Support students at all skill levels with targeted supplemental curriculums that accelerate achievement.

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Powerful Assessments

Our research-based, adaptive assessments place K–12 students into appropriate practice, providing teachers with reliable insights for instructional decision making.

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Inspiring Professional Development

Partner with HMH for PD that supports educators every step of the way. We have the resources that inspire educators to innovate, solve challenges, and reach their goals.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Access best-in-class core instruction, personalized supplemental practice and intervention, easy-to-administer assessments, and meaningful professional learning—all on one platform. Our high-quality instructional materials support K–12 teachers and improve student outcomes.

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Obtain Grant Resources

We provide sample descriptive language about HMH solutions to assist leadership teams in completing the narrative section(s) of grant applications. Contact your HMH Account Executive for more information.

Partner with HMH to find funding and achieve district goals.

Insights and Resources

Partner with HMH to find funding and achieve district goals.

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