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Our assessment solutions provide the right tools to observe, measure, and understand where your students are. Our focus on actionable insights brings information to life, empowering you with the right data to foster and measure growth in all students.

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From everyday classroom challenges to special needs, gain deep insights that help students to reach their full potential.

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For students who are accelerating in special areas, data help teachers adjust course to engage students in productive struggle.

Measure Growth

With trusted assessments, educators can develop more effective and explicit paths toward achievement for all students.

See how our assessment solutions can work in your classroom.

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Growth Measure
Growth Measure

HMH Growth Measure is the adaptive and reliable assessment that connects data insights with best-in-class core and supplemental programs. When benchmark assessment insights co-exist with core program assessment data, teachers and students alike benefit from the ability to differentiate instruction and form small groups.

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See how our assessment solutions can work in your classroom.