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Gain a Complete Picture of Student Achievement

Actionable Data to Drive Student Success

Assessments are part of a powerful toolkit for measuring and supporting growth in all learners. HMH equips leaders and teachers with actionable assessment data that connect directly with resources to teach, re-teach, and differentiate learning so that all students can reach their full potential.

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    More than a Benchmark

    There are lots of testing companies, but only HMH offers a suite of assessments that measures student achievement across whole-class, small-group, and independent practice. Whether assigning mid-year benchmark assessments or end-of-unit tests, leaders and teachers get the right data to answer the question, “What’s next?”

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    Standards-Aligned Reporting

    Measure student progress towards standards mastery with the Standards Report on Ed, HMH’s learning platform. With data from HMH Growth Measure, core programs, and intervention solutions, the Standards Report is the key to unlocking student potential.

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    Content Connections

    Three students need help with standard RL.4.1. Not a problem! With a few clicks, teachers can group students, find aligned HMH Into Reading content, and assign it. Or they can let Waggle deliver differentiated content directly to students’ dashboards. Easy, right?

Teachers understand that this data is so valuable. The reports are easy for them to look at. They love the Standards Report.

Lyndsey Duke-Brooks

Instructional Coach, Warren County, KY

Data That Empowers Teachers

Whether educators prefer teacher-driven interventions or automated differentiation, we have the data and content that empower them to teach their best lesson every day.

Professional Learning That Helps Teachers Maximize Assessment

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    Coaching: Powerful Support for All Teachers

    A new school year means new teachers. Support them from day one with the HMH Coaching Membership. To maximize assessment data, teachers get unlimited access to HMH Coaching Studio and an app to message their HMH instructional coach.

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    Teacher Success Pathways: Success in the First 30 Days

    Build teacher confidence in the first 30 days with guided support using Teacher Success Pathways on Ed, the HMH learning platform. On-demand modules like “Using Data to Differentiate Instruction” and “Data-Driven Intervention” are available 24/7.

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Insights and Resources

  • The 3 Different Types of Assessment in Education

    The 3 Different Types of Assessment in Education

    There are three different types of assessments in education that serve different purposes depending on when they are administered: diagnostic, formative, and summative.

    Dr. Julie Miles
    Senior Vice President, Learning Sciences

  • Formative Reading Assessment & Usable Data

    Formative Reading Assessment & Usable Data

    Formative reading assessments measure what students have learned so far—and the data help inform teachers’ instruction.

    Francie Alexander
    Chief Research Officer, HMH

  • Formative vs. Summative Assessment in the Classroom

    Formative vs. Summative Assessment in the Classroom

    Learn the difference between formative assessment vs. summative assessment and find examples of the different types of assessment.

    Jennifer Prescott
    Shaped Contributor

  • Using Assessment Results to Optimize Decision Making

    Join Dr. Thomasenia Lott-Adams in discussing the importance of developing math language and a variety of strategies to prepare students to communicate mathematically.

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