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Riverside Insights Divestment

Looking for information or purchasing options for assessments like the Cognitive Abilities Test™, the Woodcock-Johnson® family of assessments, and the Iowa Assessments™? You’ll find it on!

Riverside Insights is the former assessment division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt that was divested in October 2018, and now operates as a new and independent company. Head to for detailed information on their renowned instruments, along with order forms for all products and eCommerce options for clinical and special needs assessments.

Measure with Confidence

Our solutions address every need with a portfolio of tools that help you observe, measure, and understand where your students are and how to get them where they need to be. They offer the ease of use and flexibility needed to evaluate learning challenges and improve instructional outcomes.

Understand Challenges

From everyday classroom challenges to special needs, gain deep insights in order to help students focus to reach their full potential.

Highlight Strengths

For students who are accelerating in special areas, data help teachers adjust course to challenge students even further.

Measure Growth

With trusted assessments, educators can develop more effective and explicit paths toward achievement for all students.

See how our assessment solutions can work in your classroom.
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See how our assessment solutions can work in your classroom.