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Grades 9–12 Remote Learning Summer Science Activities: Great Outdoors

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Welcome to the Great Outdoors! We’ve provided a variety of learning activities for you to begin exploring!

Kick-Off with Monday Media

What Do Alligators Eat?

Where do alligators fit in the Everglades food web? Are they at the top of the food chain? Make a claim before you watch the video.

Watch the video (below) What Do Alligators Eat?

Exploring the Great Outdoors with Labs and Activities

Making a Local Field Guide

This activity is outdoors and can be done alone or in a small group. Before you begin, ask a parent or guardian about poisonous plants or animals in your area, and about allergies you may have.

Download the student worksheet for Making a Local Field Guide

Monitoring Bird Populations

In this activity, you will observe birds in the same area several times a day for a week. If you are unable to set up a bird feeder, you may be able to watch birds in your yard, neighborhood, or nearby park.

Download the student worksheet for Monitoring Bird Populations

Download the answer sheet for Monitoring Bird Populations

Career in the Great Outdoors


Biogeographers are often involved with the protection, conservation, and management of plant and animal species. Read to learn more, then play the role of a biogeographer planning to reintroduce bobcats back into a forested area.

Download the student worksheet to learn about being a Biogeographer

Talk about what you learned about the great outdoors this week with your friends and family!

Keeping Up with COVID-19

To keep current with the science behind the COVID-19 virus, check out "Stopping the Spread of Infectious Disease: A Lab Activity Approach." You’ll find age-appropriate activities for your child to learn about stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

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