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Shaping Student Success

We've created a powerful digital platform to support K-12 teachers and improve student outcomes.

We're committed to meeting every student's unique needs.

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    What does the best in personalized learning look like?

    We have something for every learner—whether they need: an Avatar reading tutor, customizable writing assignments and feedback, or personalized digital math and ELA practice sessions.

We design programs and partnerships with the supports teachers need most.

We’ve developed our learning platform with teachers’ busy lives in mind, putting core instruction, supplemental practice, assessment, and professional learning in one place for a streamlined experience.

Hear from educators in Henry County, GA on their partnership with HMH:

  • "You've got this district that's asking for something different than a vendor relationship. And...the one company that really could envision this concept of partnership with us in a way that no one else could was HMH."

    — Melissa Morse, Chief Learning & Performance Officer, Henry County Schools, GA

Activities and Advice for a Successful School Year

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    Podcast: Being Bold and Wishing for Change

    Kyle Schwartz, teacher and author of I Wish My Teacher Knew, discusses how she helps students feel empowered to make a difference.

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    Year-Round Holiday Activities + Free Calendar

    These monthly calendar theme ideas provide you with teaching resources for all grade levels. Plus, download our free calendar of activities!

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Learn how HMH can help improve outcomes for students in your district.