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Shaping Student Success

We’ve created a powerful digital platform to support K–12 teachers and improve student outcomes.

Educators’ Outlook in 2023

HMH’s 9th annual Educator Confidence Report (ECR) shares educators’ views on issues that impact them daily. This year, we're releasing the report in three parts. Part 1: Outlook on Teaching & AI and Part 2: Outlook on Teacher Well-Being are available now. Look for Part 3 this fall.

We’re committed to meeting every student’s unique needs.

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    Is your intervention working? Ours changes lives.

    Our research-backed, intensive intervention programs can now be implemented in core classrooms. Available in reading and math—and more affordable than ever.

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    What does the best in personalized learning look like?

    Give your students access to an Avatar reading tutor, customizable writing assignments and feedback, and personalized digital math and ELA practice sessions. We have something for every learner.

We design programs and partnerships with the supports teachers need most.

We’ve developed our learning platform with teachers’ busy lives in mind, putting core instruction, supplemental practice, assessment, and professional learning in one place for a streamlined experience.

Hear from educators in Henry County, GA on their partnership with HMH:

  • “You’ve got this district that’s asking for something different than a vendor relationship. And ... the one company that really could envision this concept of partnership with us in a way that no one else could was HMH.”

    — Melissa Morse, Chief Learning & Performance Officer, Henry County Schools, GA

Stay Informed and Inspired with Our Free Resources

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    Podcast: Classroom Management Tips

    30-year seasoned teacher and HMH contributor, Teresa Meredith, shares her expertise on classroom management and gives insight on how to structure morning meetings and address student behaviors.

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    Why Is Technology Important in Education?

    Think you know the answer to the question: “Why is technology important in education?" The advantages go beyond student engagement and saving teachers time. Here, we break down tech’s benefits.

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