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Lead the way to literacy and set every student on a path to reading proficiency

Maximize imagination. Amplify success. Every student should wield the inspirational power of literacy. From core-rich reading instruction to adaptive assessments and technology-driven targeted interventions, our solutions are designed to engage, empower, and propel reading success for the whole classroom.


Reading and writing are the tools children use to author their own stories. Our literacy programs employ different instructional approaches for different age levels to ensure every student succeeds.

Create a love of learning

For our youngest learners, the goal is to ignite their curiosity and desire to learn with preschool programs that meet their unique social-emotional, academic, and physical needs.

Build strong foundations

In the early grades, children will benefit from comprehensive foundational reading programs designed to strengthen key literacy skills and ensure that all students are tracking toward reading proficiently by 3rd grade.

Develop confident readers

For upper elementary students, ensure that learners have access to core and supplemental programs that offer personalized, engaging instruction and place every child on the path to reading success.

Meet higher standards

Engage middle school students with rigorous and relevant instructional materials that provide opportunities for them to become proficient and powerful readers.

Prepare for lifelong success

Graduate skilled readers and lifelong learners with instructional resources that prepare young people for college coursework, the workplace, and community involvement.


Our literacy programs are supported by a comprehensive set of solutions. Teach from materials that reach the whole classroom, and work with a professional development partner committed to helping your classrooms achieve great outcomes.


Biliteracy is emerging as one of today’s most powerful tools in preparing tomorrow’s global citizens. Learn more about the importance of this instructional approach.

Special Education

Every special needs learner should be treated as an individual. Learn about our comprehensive instruction and support designed to accelerate students at their own pace.

Professional Services

Our professional learning allows educators to work shoulder-to-shoulder with leading practitioners, transforming student outcomes and school performance.

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From rich core-reading instruction and adaptive assessments to technology-driven targeted intervention and professional learning, HMH® is committed to providing proven-effective solutions designed to engage, empower, and address the individual needs of students from Pre-K through Grade 12.

Our Authors
Guiding best practices in teaching and learning

With specialties in learning mindsets, long-term English language development, translanguaging, assessment, word skills, and more, our experts lead from the forefront of education to ensure that instruction and practice are relevant for today’s learners.

Dr. Kate Kinsella
Author, English 3D, San Francisco University, Center for Teacher Efficacy
Drs. Yvonne and David Freeman
Authors, On Our Way to English, Professors Emeriti, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
Dr. Sheila W. Valencia
Professor, Language, Literacy, and Culture, University of Washington; Journeys Program Consultant
Dr. Shane Templeton
Foundation Professor Emeritus, Literacy Studies, University of Nevada, Reno; Journeys Program Consultant
Dr. David Dockterman
Advisor, MATH 180 and READ 180
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