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Engage every learner with supplemental programs that support your core instruction

Whether your goal is to close learning gaps or to enrich advanced learners, HMH® goes beyond core solutions, providing the right supplemental curriculum to boost student outcomes.


Our supplements provide all students with the right support for their unique needs.


The individualized support in our supplemental programs helps to link core classroom and intervention settings.


Core programs benefit from additional instructional opportunities like those we offer for ELA and Math.

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Our Solutions
Programs that accelerate achievement

Supplemental Reading and ELA Programs

HMH’s literacy solutions are designed to engage and empower every student and propel them to reading and writing success. Rich data drives instruction and practice, and intuitive reports enable teachers to take immediate action to facilitate student progress.

Digital Learning and Practice
Iread Cv
iRead®, Grades K–2

iRead's research-backed intervention guarantees a path to success for all children, meeting them where they are and providing guided practice to build mastery by Grade 3.

Amiralearning Cv
Amira Learning, Grades K–3

Amira, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), provides 1:1 reading practice and administers both an oral reading fluency assessment and a dyslexia screener.

Waggle Cv 210526 042458
Waggle®, Grades K–8

Waggle offers supplemental practice and instruction that immerses students in personalized learning and maximizes teachers' time.

Writable Cv
Writable®, Grades 3–12

Writable helps schools organize their writing programs around research-backed instruction and feedback.

Leveled Libraries
Rigbypm Cv Wf1355051 Vs2 210803 171843
Rigby® PM Leveled Readers, Grades K–5

Rigby PM leveled readers combine the precise leveling teachers trust with the characters students love, allowing educators to teach reading in a way that transforms every title into a learning moment. Even the most reluctant reader is sure to be delighted by the variety of genres, including poetry, fairytales, fantasy, nonfiction, and realistic fiction.

Hero Academy Lr Cv Wf1355051 Vs2
Hero Academy®, Grades Pre-K–4

Hero Academy was designed to transform every student into a reading superhero! The program's leveled reader series can challenge students to grow as readers, motivate reluctant learners, and foster social and emotional skill development.

Infact Cv Wf1355051 Vs2
inFact® Leveled Readers, Grades K–5

inFact’s nonfiction informational texts encourage students to read closely and find evidence, boosting comprehension skills and success on high–stakes standardized tests. With awe-inspiring visuals, a wide variety of science and social studies topics, and precise leveling across 91 titles, inFact ensures just the right book for every student!

Jill E Literacy
Rigby JillE Literacy®, Grades K–3

Rigby JillE Literacy is an extraordinary classroom library that offers resources to engage readers, spark critical thinking, and inspire curiosity.

Foundational Skills and Spelling
Saxon Ps Vert Tile
Saxon® Phonics and Spelling, Grades K–2

Saxon® Phonics and Spelling for students in Grades K–2 is supplemental literacy program that explicitly teaches phonemic awareness, phonics and fluency in a way that is supported by scientific research and has been proven effective by years of classroom success.

Classroom Libraries
Readingcounts Cv
HMH Reading Counts!®, Grades K–12

Reading Counts is a structured independent reading program that enhances any literacy curriculum.

Hmhclassroomlibraries Cv
HMH Classroom Libraries, Grades K–5

HMH Classroom Libraries offer current, diverse titles that are conducive to literacy and content-area growth.

Professional Services
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Literacy Solutions

Expert coaches and consultants work with you to design a learning journey that is personalized, effective, and immediately applicable to your teaching.

Explore how our supplemental solutions can support your literacy curriculum.


Supplemental Math Programs

Our math supplements deliver flexible instruction, fluency practice, scaffolded support, and cross-curricular readers. With these resources, teachers create an environment where students are motivated to persevere and become effective problem solvers.

Professional Services
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Math Solutions

Math Solutions has more than 250 highly-trained math experts ready to provide every teacher with professional learning that builds classrooms of students who are confident doing math.

Explore how our supplemental solutions can support your math curriculum.

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Our Authors
Building a road to results

It takes a world-class team of experts to produce top-notch instructional programs that deliver the desired results for teachers and their students. Our programs are developed in careful consultation and ongoing collaboration with the country’s leading researchers and learning specialists.

Dr. Ted Hasselbring
Emeritus Professor, Vanderbilt University; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board
Dr. Anne Cunningham
Professor, University of California, Berkeley; HMH Author
Dr. Julie Washington
Professor, Language Sciences, School of Education – University of California, Irvine; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board
Dr. Juli K. Dixon
Professor of Mathematics Education; Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Mathematics Education