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Make math classrooms stronger than they've ever been
Grades K–8 Math Core
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Mathematicians are problem solvers first. When children can't find the meaning in numbers and symbols, problem solving is a struggle. Math in Focus®: Singapore Math® by Marshall Cavendish® helps students learn the language of math. Through hands-on learning, visualization, and pictorial representations, their understanding, confidence, and love of math grows.

Math in Focus © 2020, the U.S. edition of the highly effective Singapore Math® curriculum, delivers the program's most extensive revisions since its original 2009 release. Aligned to match the shifts in Singapore's curriculum and offering teachers and students an unparalleled digital experience, the new Math in Focus © 2020 en español provides a fully equitable print and digital experience in Spanish.

Builds understanding with a concrete-pictorial-abstract learning progression.

Provides teachers with a reliable, time-saving, and personalized digital experience.

Brings the pedagogy behind the high achievement of Singapore Math® to U.S. students.

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Ensure every student’s ability to master concepts and apply mathematics

Leveraging global best practices and research to create a unique approach based on powerful visual models, engaging hands-on activities, and a consistent K–8 pedagogical approach, this solution empowers students to develop the critical-thinking skills, positive attitudes, and confidence needed to set the stage for achievement.

Student Experience

Math in Focus scaffolds instruction to meet the needs of individual learners with hands-on learning and visual models that support and optimize learning.

Teacher Experience

With comprehensive and easy-to-use resources, Math in Focus provides everything teachers need to support students in developing foundational understanding. A consistent, clear teaching path fosters a focus on new content and encourages mathematical thinking.

Digital Experience

After more than a decade of resounding success in U.S. classrooms, Math in Focus is now part of the HMH connected teaching and learning experience.

Family Experience

Math in Focus provides families and caregivers with the resources they need to support students' learning, regardless of whether it takes place at home or in school.

Build conceptual understanding

Through the CPA approach and visualization, students experience math concepts concretely, with hands-on experiences that build true foundational understanding.

Develop critical-thinking skills

Activities that ask students to apply math concepts in different ways and create alternative solutions to a problem encourage critical and creative thinking and build mastery.

Advance problem-solving proficiency

Problem solving is embedded and central to all instruction and discussion in Math in Focus. Students learn to apply different strategies and are encouraged to consider the best strategies for routine and non-routine problems to build strong problem-solving skills.

Build positive attitudes

The Singapore Math® framework acknowledges the role attitude plays in learning math and supports students in approaching problem solving with interest and enthusiasm, building their confidence to persevere.

Data that informs instruction

Ed, the HMH learning platform gives teachers ongoing access to actionable data and reporting tools—providing a powerful look into student progress.

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Research & Results

Top performance powered by pedagogy

The principles behind the Singapore Math® approach are drawn from foundational research that has identified the most effective mathematics instruction. The results are undeniable.

Strong ESSA rating

Math in Focus received a Strong ESSA rating based on the distinctive amount and quality of professional learning that teachers receive as part of the Math in Focus program.

ESSA Evidence Criteria for Math in Focus K–5
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Learn more about the development of Math in Focus and the pedagogy that has kept Singapore consistently at the top in international studies of math achievement.


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Authors Advisors

Authors & Advisors

Leaders bringing world-class mathematics curriculum to U.S. classrooms

Based on the pedagogical principles of the successful Singapore Math® approach, the Math in Focus curriculum was developed by an international team of accomplished mathematics educators. Their work gives U.S. students the opportunity to benefit from a learning path proven to raise mathematics achievement and confidence.

Dr. Fong Ho Kheong
Math in Focus Grades K–5 and Course 3 Author and Consultant
Michelle Choo
Math in Focus Grades K–3 Author
Chelvi Ramakrishnan
Math in Focus Grades 1–5 Author
Gan Kee Soon
Math in Focus Grades 4–5 and Course 1 Author
Dr. Ng Wee Leng
Math in Focus Course 1 Author
Dr. Lai Chee Chong
Math in Focus Course 2 Author
Low Wai Cheng
Math in Focus Course 2 and Course 2 Accelerated Author
Leong May Kuen
Math in Focus Course 2 and Course 2 Accelerated Author
Yap Shin Tze
Math in Focus Course 2 Accelerated and Course 3 Author
Kimberly Mickle
Math in Focus Grade 1 U.S. Reviewer
Elizabeth Ardell
Math in Focus Grade 1 U.S. Writer and Grade 2 U.S. Reviewer
Andy Clark
Math in Focus Grades 1-Course 3 U.S. Consultant and Course 2-Course 3 Writer
Susan Resnick
Math in Focus Grades 1-Course 3 U.S Consultant, Course 1 Reviewer, and Course 2 Accelerated and Course 3 Writer
Anthony Cantore
Math in Focus Grade 2 U.S. Writer
Jessica Kaminski
Math in Focus Grade 3 U.S. Writer and Grade 4 U.S. Reviewer
Susan D'Souza
Math in Focus Grade 4 U.S. Writer and Grade 5 U.S. Reviewer
Dr. Janice Cordes
Math in Focus Grade 5 U.S. Writer and Grade 3 U.S. Reviewer
Shelly DuBose
Math in Focus Course 1 U.S. Writer and Course 2 and Course 2 Accelerated Reviewer

We know success doesn’t come from one solution, but from a network of support. When you select a solution from HMH®, it’s the start of a relationship—one that helps you implement and raise achievement in a way that works best for your district, school, or classroom.

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News & Events

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Keep up with the latest news and events from Math in Focus thought leaders and HMH math experts, and join our Math in Focus Hub Club for additional resources.

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