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Free Resources to Support Continued Learning at Home

Here you'll find free learning activities, lessons, downloadables, and videos for Grade K–12 kids to keep learning and growing at grade level.

Podcast: Finding Acceptance as an Immigrant Student Feat. Margarita Lezama
Ali Habashi
Shaped Staff

Meet Margarita Lezama, an ESL and ESOL teacher at Brownsville Middle School in Miami, Florida. Originally from Nicaragua, Margarita now teaches a large immigrant population and relates with her students on topics like coping with culture shock, learning English, and facing discrimination.

Teaching Fact vs. Opinion: Tips, Activities, and Resources
Esther Wojcicki
Journalist and Teacher; Founder, Palo Alto High Media Arts Program

Journalist and educator Esther Wojcicki provides tips, resources, and activities to help students differentiate between fact and opinion in an era where misinformation is prevalent.

Election 2020 Classroom Activity: How Can Debates Influence an Election?
Glenn Greenberg

Students will observe one of the debates in the 2020 presidential election and evaluate the content and performance of the Democratic and Republican nominees.

Podcast: The Future of Journalism Feat. Karl Grubaugh
Meet Karl Grubaugh, a former AP economics teacher and advanced journalism advisor at Granite Bay High School in California. A journalist and editor himself, Karl advised for the award-winning student newspaper The Granite Bay Gazette, and retired in 2020 after almost 40 years as an educator.
Ali Habashi
Shaped Staff
October 27, 2020
ELA Halloween Activities for Middle School and High School Students
Get your ELA class into the spirit with these fun Halloween activities for middle school and high school students, and learn from a few masters of horror how to really make those spines tingle and those bones shake.
Ali Habashi
Shaped Staff
Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Staff
October 20, 2020
Halloween Math Activities for Middle School and High School Students
It’s that time of year where math class is full of spooky sums! Frightful fractions! Paranormal parabolas! Whether your students are first learning about zombie zeroes or eerie series, you can still bring Halloween into your math classroom.
Richard Blankman
Shaped Staff
October 15, 2020
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