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Podcast: Julia in Ellicott City, Maryland, for Teachers in America
Onalee Smith
Shaped Editor

Meet Julia Allan, a Kindergarten teacher in Howard County Public Schools. She talks about equity in education, social-emotional learning, the tooth fairy, bus stresses, and the joys of seeing her students grow together.

Learning Moments: Teachers in America Podcast Season 2
Onalee Smith
Shaped Editor

New episodes for 2020! Hosted by Noelle Morris; a podcast for teachers, celebrating teachers. Hear firsthand from the K-12 teachers who are shaping young lives around the country every day.

February 2020: Celebrate a Holiday in Class Every Day
Onalee Smith
Shaped Editor

Have fun every day in February by picking a holiday to celebrate each day in class. Ideas range from fun facts to share to more detailed classroom activities.

Stuck on a Math Problem? Try Solving It Another Way
Richard Blankman
Shaped Staff

Inform your students that math problems rarely have a single method for solving them and frequently have multiple solutions.

Need a Timesaver? Try an Activity That Ties SEL to ELA
Integrate social-emotional learning into your English language arts curriculum with this literacy activity, where students read and study a text and practice important SEL competencies.
Janna Sakson
Shaped Staff
February 26, 2020
Boolean Algebra and Getting Logical in the Math Classroom
Learn the basic ideas of what Boolean algebra is, along with some history and examples plus a free activity for high school students to practice evaluating logical Boolean expressions.
Fernando J. Castillo
HMH Learning Architect, Supplemental and Intervention Math Solutions
February 25, 2020
Fostering a Sense of Belonging: A School Transformation Story
Learn how Chastain Road Elementary School implemented a strong behavioral and social-emotional learning program to dramatically decrease discipline referrals and improve school culture.
Jessica Patterson
Principal, Chastain Road Elementary School, South Carolina
Joy Ellison
Assistant Principal, Chastain Road Elementary School, South Carolina
February 21, 2020
6 Women's History Month Activities for Students
Cover the significance of the women's right to vote and celebrate the women who have made a difference in society with these Women's History Month activities and lesson plans.
Christine Condon
Shaped Editor-in-Chief
Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Staff
February 21, 2020
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