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HMH Research

Research-Backed Solutions from HMH

A Commitment to Efficacy

HMH is committed to developing innovative educational programs and professional services that are grounded in learning science and efficacy. Every program and service we offer is subject to rigorous and ongoing efficacy review to ensure we deliver on this commitment.

A Look at Our Research Process

Research continuously informs our product development and refinements so we can ensure that our solutions work for students and teachers.

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From Research to Practice to Results

Explore the kinds of research HMH conducts in collaboration with school districts and third-party research firms to improve outcomes for students, teachers, and leaders.

  • Research Evidence Base Papers

    Research evidence base papers provide the theoretical underpinnings, evidence base, and expert opinions that guide the development of HMH programs. These papers align the research to practical applications of the program.

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  • Professional Papers

    Professional papers highlight an important theoretical construct, practical application, program component, or topic related to learning in the context of HMH programs. They are authored by experts in the field, researchers, and thought leaders within the industry.

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  • Research Results Papers

    Research results papers summarize the findings from research studies conducted on HMH programs, including research conducted internally by HMH and externally by third-party research firms. They document the efficacy of a program in terms of ESSA evidence levels.

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Rigorous Research that Districts Can Count On

A Wide Range of Experience

The Efficacy and Consulting Research team collaborates with school districts and third-party research organizations to evaluate the impact of our instructional materials, assessments, and professional services, ensuring our offerings are high-quality and evidence-based.

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Trusted Research Partners

HMH’s efficacy third-party research partners include the American Institutes for Research (AIR), Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE), MarketCast, RMC Research, JEM & R, Cobblestone Applied Research & Evaluation, among many others.

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Achieving District Goals with Evidence-Backed Programs

ESSA Efficacy

HMH supports the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) goals of raising the standards of excellence through evidence-based programs that are proven to work.

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Grants and Funding for Schools

Achieve school and district goals by partnering with HMH to find funding for evidence-backed K–12 programs and services.

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Learn more about the research and efficacy behind HMH programs.

Learn more about the research and efficacy behind HMH programs.