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In classrooms around the country, today’s youth are preparing to succeed in school, lead in their communities, and impact the world. At HMH®, we’re committed to developing programs, professional services, and integrated solutions that support everyone in our learning ecosystems as we work together to teach and reach this generation.

Our offerings are anchored in a robust review of evidence, learning sciences, and effective classroom practice. Every program or service is then subject to rigorous and ongoing efficacy research to ensure we deliver on this commitment.

Commitment to student growth

We’re relentless at measuring student growth at every stage of learning. We provide data analytics that inform differentiated instruction and provide insights into how and what students are learning.

Continuous improvement

We’re focused on getting better at being better, participating in a research life cycle that promotes constant refinement in the design and development of our solutions.


We work closely with our school district partners and with each other to bring modern science and good sense to publishing, living by the adage “none of us is as smart as all of us.”

Research Life Cycle
Stage 1: Foundational and exploratory

With the help of thought leaders, practitioners, policymakers, and parents, we first identify challenges and propose how a program or service can address them.

Stage 2: Development and design

Next, we refine the solution and conduct testing with actual users in classrooms and schools to guide continued improvements.

Stage 3: Impact

Recognizing learner variability, we measure the effectiveness of our solutions in classrooms across different settings with diverse student populations.

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Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19
Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19

Use this guide to reimagine the culture and structure of your schools following a challenging year.

Into Learning evidence
Into Learning evidence

Developed in concert with educators and researchers, Into Learning™ brings flexible, customized instruction to the classroom through streamlined teacher support and data-driven instructional practices. Recently published Research Foundations papers describe the evidence base for each of the Into Learning programs, demonstrating a rationale for effectiveness. Over the next three years, HMH will examine the efficacy of Into Literature, Into Reading, and Into Math, conducting research aimed at moving their evidence ratings from Promising to Strong.

A spotlight on READ 180®: 20 years of research

Research leads to breakthrough prototype

Partially funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs, research by Dr. Ted Hasselbring leads to a breakthrough prototype for software that uses individual student performance data to differentiate reading instruction

Council of the Great City Schools Pilots READ 180

Council of the Great City Schools pilots READ 180 in some of the largest urban schools and enters into a research partnership to study the efficacy of the program. Subsequently, READ 180 is published and immediately implemented in hundreds of schools nationwide.

Dr. Kinsella creates the LBook for English learners

Dr. Kate Kinsella, coauthor of the READ 180 rBook®, creates the LBook®. Tested in classrooms throughout California by Dr. Kinsella, the LBook provides explicit systematic instruction for English learners who may be at differing levels of English proficiency.

READ 180 sets a gold standard

The Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness publishes a gold-standard (randomized controlled trial) study of adolescent reading interventions done by the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) and Florida State University, revealing significant gains with READ 180.

Urban schools receive guidance on READ 180

HMH partners with the Council of the Great City Schools and the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to release Implementation Matters: Systems for Success. Implementation Matters outlines district-wide conditions that sustain on-model implementation of READ 180 in urban school districts.

U.S. DOE reveals after-school benefits of READ 180

A U.S. DOE-funded evaluation of READ 180 published in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis finds that students who used READ 180 after school outperformed the control group on measures of reading comprehension and vocabulary.

READ 180 provides solid ROI in Napa Valley

An ROI study conducted in partnership with Whiteboard Advisors finds that READ 180 and System 44® provide a solid return on investment for Napa Valley Unified School District by significantly improving student outcomes on the CST ELA and the CELDT, by lowering referral rates into special education, and by decreasing suspension and expulsion counts.

READ 180 rises to the top in Striving Readers research

The U.S. DOE Institute of Education Sciences publishes a report on the Striving Readers project finding that READ 180 was the only intervention program out of 10 studied that had positive effects on reading achievement according to the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) review criteria.

20 years of research support READ 180

After examining 33 studies of adolescent literacy programs and practices published over the last 20 years, researchers from the Florida Center for Reading Research at Florida State University find READ 180 to have potentially positive effects on students' reading outcomes—one of the highest ratings measuring the effectiveness of research studies.

November 2016
WWC declares positive effects of READ 180

A review of nine READ 180 research studies by the federal What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) finds that the program demonstrates positive effects on comprehension and general literacy achievement, and potentially positive effects on reading fluency, with a medium to large extent of evidence.

Learn more about READ 180's 20 years of evidence and efficacy

Essa Student
Every Student Succeeds Act

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or a novice teacher, meeting the requirements of this complex law requires focused attention and support. HMH can help you turn research-proven practices into successful outcomes.

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ESSA Efficacy
ESSA Efficacy

HMH supports the renewed ESSA goals of raising the standards of excellence through evidence-based programs that are proven to work.

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