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At-Home Learning Resources for all ages!
At-Home Learning Resources for all ages!

Visit our curated resources on Amazon to extend summer learning and keep students moving forward!

  • Saxon Phonics & Spelling

    Saxon Phonics & Spelling

    Saxon Phonics and Spelling combines systematic, explicit instruction with daily practice opportunities and ongoing assessment to ensure prior knowledge sticks and new knowledge accumulates.

  • Saxon Math

    Saxon Math

    To master mathematics, students need to build on prior learning—what new concepts they can learn depends on which concepts they already know. Saxon Math provides a learning structure proven to advance students steadily and assuredly to higher levels of understanding.

  • Math in Focus: Singapore Math

    Math in Focus: Singapore Math

    Problem solving is at the heart of Math in Focus: Singapore Math®. This solution leverages global research to create a unique approach based on powerful visual models, engaging hands-on activities, and a consistent K–8 pedagogical approach.

  • Journeys


    Journeys is a comprehensive K–6 English language arts program. It provides an instructional system for reading both literature and informational texts, acquiring foundational skills, and developing mastery of speaking, listening, and writing.

  • Rigby PM Books

    Rigby PM Books

    Rigby®PM Leveled Readers combine the precise leveling teachers trust with characters students love. A balanced literacy approach allows students to build their confidence with challenges that meet them where they are and offers teachers small-group and individual options for reading instruction.

  • ¡Avancemos!


    Use authentic resources and real-world activities to spark your students’ curiosity. ¡Avancemos! students develop a proficient command of speaking Spanish while fostering a love of new cultural experiences.