Summer School

Mitigate interrupted learning with easy-to-implement personalized learning
Math Program ELA Solutions

Providing summer instruction to mitigate interrupted schooling is a top priority. Your summer school program can do more this year. By offering districts, schools, and teachers flexible and easy-to-implement digital solutions that can be mixed and matched, your summer school curriculum can be tailored to meet the needs of your students and address skill-gaps with personalized instruction.

HMH can help close the gap through the summer with digital solutions that offer:

Math Program
Waggle, Grades 2–8

Waggle for summer school combines student-centered instruction with powerful personalization, immersing students in rigorous, skills-based practice that assesses knowledge in real time.


ELA Programs
iRead, Grades K–2

Adaptive technology meets your summer school students where they are and provides explicit instruction and guided practice to build mastery.


Amira, Grades K–3

Make individual summer school tutoring scalable by maximizing the number of students who can receive personal attention with responsive reading tutoring and micro-interventions backed by reading science.


Waggle, Grades 2–8

Meet the diverse needs of all summer school students by providing personalized skills-based ELA practice with embedded support and ongoing dynamic assessment.


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Anytime. Anywhere. Prepare teachers for today's educational landscape with flexible, continuous support.

As educators and students navigate teaching and learning in new environments, their challenges and opportunities for growth are more diverse than ever. The transitions you are making to remote learning require flexible solutions. As you support your learning communities, we are committed to supporting you and your development.

Support your summer school implementations
Support your summer school implementations

Flexible professional learning is available for all summer school teachers as you implement new programs, work with new students, or teach in new ways, especially as you strive to make a great impact in a short period of time.

Engage, Learn, and Apply Online
Engage, Learn, and Apply Online

Jump-start success in your school and district with online summer professional development. Our experts will partner with you to design a flexible professional learning plan for teachers and leadership. We'll help you collaborate, share and apply new remote learning practices and build the skills you need to navigate today's challenges and foster tomorrow's success.

See how our summer school solutions could work in your classroom.