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Professional Development for Teachers and Leaders

Inspiring Innovation through Relevant, Accessible PD

Partner with Us for PD that Supports Educators Every Step of the Way

HMH Coachly provides teachers with personalized professional learning and unlimited, 1:1 support from a dedicated instructional coach.

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HMH Courses provide professional learning grounded in evidence-based pedagogy that connects with your HMH Program.

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Leader Support provides the support leaders need to plan, problem-solve, and navigate challenges.

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Implementation Support offers guided learning pathways on Ed to ensure teacher success within the first 30 days.

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The coaching work has transformed our teaching. We've seen amazing growth in our teachers and students. Just the way that students are thinking is tremendous.

Dr. Lesley Edwards

Coordinator of Mathematics, Mesquite ISD, TX

Professional Development for Teachers to Address Today's Challenges

  • SEL

    Explore ways for students to develop life skills—building relationships, controlling emotions, and making responsible decisions—that will help them achieve success in school and life.

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  • Literacy

    Delve into reading instruction and walk away with concrete strategies to enhance student achievement at all levels of proficiency.

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  • Math

    Take a deep dive into math instruction focused on enhancing students' understanding about expectations for engaging in mathematical discussion.


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  • Equity and Access

    Explore strategies to enhance equity and access to learning and walk away with new insights to incorporate into your learning community.

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  • Accelerate Learning

    Discover techniques for just-in-time scaffolding that will help catch your students up or advance their learning.

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  • Custom PD Plan

    Build an ongoing professional learning plan focused on topics that matter to you and your students. We’re here to be your long-term partner.

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Personalized Professional Development for Teachers and Leaders

Coaching for HMH Programs

Coachly gives teachers ownership over their professional learning schedule with year-round, unlimited access to a dedicated instructional coach via the Ed platform. HMH Coachly Includes:

  • Collaborative teacher/coach goal-setting.
  • Unlimited messaging with a dedicated coach.
  • Self-scheduling of 30-minute virtual sessions.
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HMH Courses

Create a tailored professional learning journey for educators in your school/district with additional PD experiences.

Program-Aligned Courses connect evidence-based pedagogy with daily classroom instruction through your HMH program to meet your school’s specific needs.

Live online courses provide relevant, ongoing PD curated to your grade-level and subject and address today’s most pressing classroom challenges.

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Leader Support

School and district leaders partner with a Center for Model Schools executive coach who can help with:

  • Creating and implementing a strategic plan
  • Analyzing curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Aligning HMH programs to your district’s goals
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Unlimited Guided Implementation Support

HMH programs include guided learning pathways that are easily accessible through Ed the HMH learning platform. Teachers get unparalleled support in their program-specific Teacher Success Pathway:

  • A recommended sequence of topics, which includes live sessions, videos, model lessons, and related resources
  • New and veteran educators starting anytime of the year learn at their own pace and on their schedule
  • Unlimited access to pathway resources to plan, teach, and assess learning using their new HMH program

HMH subscriptions also include unlimited yearlong access to Teacher's Corner® in Ed offering live online events, scaffolded resources, and classroom videos.

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Teacher Success Pathways

HMH programs now include Teacher Success Pathways that help new and veteran educators learn at their own pace and on their schedule, providing unlimited access, unlimited choice, and unlimited benefits. See a Teacher Success Pathway in action and discover how this personalized experience makes learning to teach with HMH programs easy.

Support for Teachers, Leaders, and Families

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Teacher’s Corner

Teacher’s Corner provides model-lesson videos, teacher tips, and interactive support—on your schedule. At free live events, work with fellow educators to address today’s instructional challenges.

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Leader’s Corner

The award-winning professional learning available in Teacher’s Corner isn’t limited to teachers. Administrators can also access on-demand resources, leader-specific live events, resources for PLCs, and downloadable templates for classroom observations.

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Family Room

HMH Family Room is an ever-growing library of on-demand resources in English and Spanish that provides families and caregivers the tools they need to support their child’s learning.

To me this is perfect, because I don’t have to be at school. I can literally be in my kitchen…I’m more relaxed. I got my icy cold drink. I got my chips. And I’m like yeah, this makes sense.

Bernita Johnson

Curriculum Coach, Portsmouth City Public Schools, VA

Awards & Accolades

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Professional Learning Partner Guide

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2024 SIIA CODiE Finalist

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