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Achieve Your Performance Goals and Professional Growth

HMH Professional Services helps schools and districts achieve measurable gains with a person-to-person approach to professional learning centered on student outcomes. With coaching, courses, consulting, and collaboration, we help you identify your goals and create an explicit pathway to achieving them. Together, we’ll build a sustainable culture of professional growth and student learning in your school or district.

Introducing…Blended Professional Learning

From online courses to job-embedded coaching, HMH® offers flexible scheduling to align to your busy schedule. We work with you to meet your needs when and where you choose.

Our team will work directly with you to make a scalable plan and take action. You can count on support that’s ongoing, strategic, and measurable to create clear pathways for school- and district-wide transformation.

We deliver coaching specifically aligned to your learning targets. Customized resources make it intuitive for teachers and leaders to collaborate and make gains according to collective or individual goals.

Our Team
Meet our certified coaches and consultants
We offer unparalleled experience.

People make all the difference. Our certified coaches and consultants have dedicated their careers to developing and delivering best-in-class professional support.

You’ll work with coaches who’ve trained extensively with the same professional learning strategies that we share with you. They’ve worked with mentors and as mentors, in and out of the classroom, to ensure best practices that drive results.

The Right People Make All the Difference

Our unparalleled range of expertise stems from experience: we are former and current teachers, coaches, administrators, district leaders, curriculum specialists, subject area experts, ed tech leaders, and more—ready to integrate and work alongside your teams. We bring together influential thinkers and researchers, including leaders from HMH, the International Center for Leadership in Education® (ICLE), and Math Solutions®, to act as extensions of your team—with your needs driving every engagement.

International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)

Founded by Dr. Bill Daggett, ICLE develops and delivers best practices for leadership and instruction at scale.

Math Solutions

Founded by Marilyn Burns, Math Solutions focuses exclusively on the teaching and learning of math to transform instruction in your school.

Technical Services

HMH technical experts help optimize student outcomes with customized support for entire districts and individual classrooms.

Work with Experts Who Inspire

We’re all coaching toward the same outcome: empowering teachers to facilitate high-quality instruction to elevate student learning. Meet some of the leaders who are working to make this vision a reality.

Dr. Bill Daggett
Founder, International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)
Dr. Tyrone C. Howard
Professor and Dean, UCLA; Senior Fellow, ICLE; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board
Weston Kieschnick
Associate Partner, ICLE
Dr. Lissa Pijanowski
Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)
Dr. Matthew R. Larson
Past President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM); Senior Fellow, Math Solutions
Sue Gendron
President, International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)
Eric Sheninger
Associate Partner, ICLE
Jennifer Lempp
Coordinator, Office of School Support, Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia
Our Services
Everything you need to stay on top of your goals


From academic performance to diverse populations, access to technology, knowledge gaps, and more, the factors that influence success are all interconnected. The only way to elevate a school or district as a whole is to design and implement the solution systemically. Whether you know your district’s unique challenges or need help identifying them, we equip you with insight and resources tailored to your specific goals.

Only HMH consultants will meet with you in person to conduct a needs assessment,  perform a proprietary inventory of instructional practices, collect baseline data, and deliver a customized plan. Then we work alongside you to ensure results.

On an ongoing basis, we collaborate and strategize plans for continued growth, guide you through best practices, and help you measure gains along the way to ensure sustained performance.

Discover how our consultants can help you.


Professional courses are available both in person and online to help teachers and administrators at all levels of experience build new skills quickly and effectively.

Partial, Single, or Multi-day Courses

Teachers and leaders can take courses to reinforce a skill or refresh best practices. Program-specific courses ensure fidelity of implementation, and there are courses to help educators at all levels of experience navigate assessments, analyze data, use reporting tools, and apply digital tools to maximize instructional time.

Make the Most of Every Program

Getting Started courses give teachers the know-how to maximize every instructional program. There are also follow-up courses to ensure smooth, sustainable implementation success.

Maximize Program Implementation

Getting started and follow-up courses make the most of every instructional program and resource.

Build Skills and Content Knowledge

Strengthen teaching practice with courses to develop and sharpen skills and build content area knowledge.

Enhance Leadership

Courses for school administrators enhance leadership skills and share effective school management practices.

Get details about our complete course offerings.


What do successful athletes, Oscar-winning actors, and the heads of Fortune 500® companies have in common? They all have coaches helping them stay on top of their game. A strong coach can offer new perspective on how to hone your craft for optimal gains.

Professional coaches from HMH, ICLE, and Math Solutions are available onsite and online to help you meet your growth and achievement goals.

Explore Coaching and the new HMH Coaching Studio platform.


We combine data, goal-setting, planning, implementation, and reflection to take your classroom, school, and district to optimal levels of achievement.

See how coaching can take you to the next level.


We facilitate collaboration among teachers and leaders with resources and opportunities to strengthen professional learning communities in person and online. Become part of an online community, attend an in-person event, or welcome one of our keynote speakers into your school or district to energize and empower learning among your staff.

Learn from Collective Expertise

Engage in ongoing peer-to-peer and educator-to-coach collaboration with tools for online sharing and reflection. Extend your professional network online—stay connected and share best practices.


Premier events such as the annual Model Schools Conference, Leadership Academy, and more provide opportunities to collaborate in person with colleagues, peers, and thought leaders; find inspiration in real success stories; and get hands-on experience with new strategies for teaching and learning.

Model Schools Conference

Inspire your team to create stronger bonds, identify school improvement priorities, and develop an actionable plan.

Leadership Academy

Refine your plan from the Model Schools Conference with ICLE experts—ask questions, monitor progress, and receive personalized support to reach your goals.

Real Outcomes, Real Impact
See results from districts like yours.

We deliver proven results. Our partner districts report high educator satisfaction and, most importantly, elevated student outcomes. See their success stories in action below.


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