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HMH will be with and your teachers every step of the way as we embark upon the "new" normal. You can trust us to strategize on your challenges and cheer for your successes.


What the Research Says

Higher ELA Assessment Scores

The extent of teachers’ online coaching participation was significantly correlated to improvements on state ELA assessments.

Higher Fluency Scores

Students taught by teachers receiving blended coaching achieved higher fluency scores.

Effective Online Coaching

When focusing on data topics and instructional content, teachers reported that online coaching was similarly or more useful than in-person coaching.

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Welcome to Teacher's Corner

A treasure trove of bite-size learning and professional resources from teachers
A treasure trove of bite-size learning and professional resources from teachers

Feel confident teaching with ongoing support. Teacher's Corner gives teachers an ever-growing library of professional learning resources.

Introducing Family Room!

Family Room supports diverse learning environments and makes at-home learning more manageable for families and caregivers by providing equitable, on-demand resources in both English and Spanish.


Our Team

professional learning events each year.
of teachers say they can immediately apply what they've learned in their classroom.
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Our Coaches
Our Coaches

You deserve a personalized, sustainable learning experience that’s backed by real data. Connect with your coach and colleagues, share and upload resources, collaborate when it fits your schedule, and make progress for the long-term—all in one award-winning platform, the HMH Coaching Studio.

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Three Powerful Teams, One Goal


Our team combines the power of three professional learning divisions to achieve a single goal: a customized approach. Whether your focus is on implementing a high-quality curricular program, improving teaching practice, or driving school- or district-wide improvement, our team can help you get the job done. We'll work with you in person, in live online sessions to achieve your goals and build capacity over the long haul.

International Center for Leadership in Education® (ICLE)

Founded by Dr. Bill Daggett, ICLE partners with district leaders for strategic planning and professional learning focused on navigating re-entry and culture.

Math Solutions®

Math Solutions has been partnering with schools and districts for more than 35 years. Over the years, Math Solutions has supported thousands of schools and districts to improve math and science instruction for each and every student.

Literacy Solutions

Expert coaches and consultants work with you to design a learning journey that is personalized, effective, and immediately applicable to your teaching.

"The training was A.MA.ZING!!!! Thank you SO much for all these ideas."

Melissa teacher

Create a learning culture rooted in professional growth.


Real Outcomes, Real Impact

Our partner districts report high educator satisfaction, and most importantly, elevated student success.


Impact Studies

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ESSA Evidence Criteria for HMH Professional Services
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