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Our math intervention programs offer striving middle school and high school students the support they need to master essential skills and build confidence. Reteaching every partially developed concept or skill is impossible nor effective. HMH provides engaging digital math intervention designed to show students that they can learn math, their efforts pay off, and math has purpose in their lives.

Intervention Solutions
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Math Intervention Curriculum
Math 180 Gets Results

Math 180® is designed to support students in Grades 5–12 who are performing one or more years below grade level. This research-based math intervention program has been shown to help students achieve more than two times the annual expected growth.

In one year, Math 180 students experienced significant achievement growth, with an average gain of 184 Quantile measures.

Students using Math 180 in a comparison study had an average of at least 1.75x the score increase vs. non–Math 180 students.

Students in a Math 180 Digital Access study demonstrated 1.5x expected yearly average growth in mathematics.

"I didn't want to leave it at all, when I tested out of Math 180 I was upset! Now I'm the one that raises my hand."

Rosie Ponus Middle School
Math 180 Benefits
Math 180 Benefits
  • Uses a blended-learning model that maximizes instructional time
  • Provides engaging and age-appropriate content, with games and real-world applications
  • Accelerates students toward grade level by building the fundamental skills necessary for algebra readiness
  • Emphasizes growth mindset and SEL to build math confidence
  • Serves Tier II and Tier III students

Put students on the path to math proficiency.

Supplemental Math Instruction

Accelerate Growth

Waggle®, for students in Grades K–8, goes beyond adaptive learning to truly personalize practice and instruction, providing support for students at all proficiency levels.

Waggle drives student growth and proficiency with:
Waggle drives student growth and proficiency with:
  • Individualized content that engages students in productive struggle
  • 13 data points to assess and instruct
  • Real-time insight into skills mastery
  • Embedded social and emotional learning that addresses the whole student
Math Assessment
HMH Growth Measure
HMH Growth Measure

District leaders need the right assessment to provide a deep understanding of each student to make planning decisions. HMH Growth Measure for math and reading supports instructional decisions for individual, small-group, and whole-class environments. This assessment delivers valid and reliable achievement scores, including Student Growth Index, Grade Level Equivalence, our innovative HMH Scaled Score, and Lexile® (reading) or Quantile® (math) measures.

Professional Development

PD That Helps Teachers Deliver Effective Math Intervention

Our professional learning team partners with schools and districts to support effective program implementation. We’re recognized by the Professional Learning Partner Guide for demonstrating significant evidence of high-quality, curriculum-aligned professional services.

Count on our professional learning team for:
Count on our professional learning team for:
  • Experienced coaches who will meet each district’s intervention needs
  • Live, online, and in-person sessions for help implementing our curriculum
  • Lesson modeling, lesson planning, data analysis, and much more

Discover how our math intervention curriculum can help all students succeed.

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