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Literature has the transformative power to inspire learning.

As students dig into thought-provoking texts and analyze, discuss, and synthesize ideas with their peers, they’re building a foundation of active learning.

HMH Into Literature™ was built to address the needs of today's teachers and equip students with the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills required for success in tomorrow's world.

Develop a culture of self-actualized learning and support every learner in building the foundation of engaged citizenship.

Develop Informed Readers, Writers, and Leaders

HMH Into Literature is more than a program—it’s a vision to develop the active, engaged, and informed citizens that will lead tomorrow’s world. It all starts with you.

HMH Into Literature provides everything you need to empower your students to love reading, hone their unique speaking and writing voices, and confidently communicate with the world.

Engaging and Culturally Relevant

Honor students and strengthen critical thinking skills with culturally diverse texts grounded in high-interest topics and essential questions.

Personalized Support for All Students

Use intuitive and agile teaching tools to provide personalized reading and writing scaffolds to meet students’ individual needs.

Flexible and Connected

Make HMH Into Literature your own by accessing flexible core, supplemental, assessment, and professional learning resources in one place—from anywhere at any time.

Get a closer look at HMH Into Literature

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A Solution Like No Other—Informed by You

Our program was driven by educators! We met with educators across the nation to hear about their unique obstacles and challenges. What we learned informed this next-generation literacy solution—right down to the smallest detail.

This is teaching and learning as you have always envisioned it.

Student Experience

Represent Students with Culturally Responsive Texts

Your classrooms are rich with students representing a wide range of cultures. They need to be able to see themselves and their experiences reflected in the literature they read and content they study.

Exclusive Texts by Diverse Authors

  • Fresh Lit Into Lit WF1577009

    HMH Fresh Lit is a new collection of culturally relevant YA short stories written exclusively for HMH. These engaging stories, as well as the accompanying lesson slides, are available in English and Spanish.

Differentiation Resources to Meet the Needs of All Learners

HMH Into Literature assessments will allow you to quickly pinpoint the need for differentiation. With resources all in one accessible, connected place at teachers’ fingertips, we make it easier than anyone else to provide differentiated support to your striving readers, advanced students, and multilingual learners.

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Personalized, Engaging Skill Practice for All Levels

Automate differentiation using Waggle’s dynamic personalization and instructional lessons for Grades K–8. Students are placed into relevant practice based on domain and grade-level readiness using HMH Growth Measure’s reliable benchmark assessments. Extend your core instruction with Waggle’s full alignment to HMH Into Literature and watch learning take flight!


Grow Great Writers with Writable

Writable® aligns with HMH Into Literature curriculum in two ways, giving teachers flexibility and choice: through Skill Ladder Assignments and the Student Edition Assignments.

Wf1335200 5.2 Reinforce Core Instructio
Skill Ladder Assignments

Skill Ladder Assignments are extra practice assignments exclusive to Writable that gradually increase in complexity and prepare students for the Unit Writing Task in HMH Into Literature. These are not found in the student edition.

8.1 Scaffolded Writing Prompts
Student Edition Assignments

Writable for HMH Into Literature applies Writable's state-of-the-art scaffolding, feedback, and AI revision and grammar tools to HMH Into Literature's unit writing assignments. Student edition texts are customized to provide on-level, light, moderate, or heavy support depending on need.

8.2 Scaffolded Writing Prompts
Scaffolded Writing Prompts

Four levels of scaffolded writing prompts for HMH Into Literature student edition writing assignments with sentence starters and populated graphic organizers meet differentiation needs.

Discover how Writable can empower your students.


Teacher Experience

Wf1335200 6 Teacher Experience Manageable Flexible Resources
Manageable, Flexible Resources

With engaging literature, relevant themes, intuitive technology to measure growth, and a wealth of high-impact resources, HMH Into Literature is the only solution that’s fully connected for success in teaching and learning—all in one platform, one sign-on, one user experience.


Family Experience

Family Room—a family-friendly part of the Ed learning platform—supports diverse learning environments and makes at-home learning more manageable for families and caregivers by providing equitable, on-demand resources to help support their children.

With HMH Into Literature, families and caregivers can:
With HMH Into Literature, families and caregivers can:
  • Access their child’s learning via the student’s Ed log in
  • Find simple, helpful, and equitable at-home learning resources in both English and Spanish
  • Explore tips and videos personalized to their child’s learning
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HMH Into Reading

HMH Into Reading™ supports a complete K-12 continuum when implemented with HMH Into Literature. The pair provides teachers with a complete set of tools for turning all students into strong readers, writers, listeners, and speakers with a lifelong passion for learning.

Writable Cv 210526 042843

Writable®, for students in Grades 3–12, helps schools organize their writing programs around research-backed instruction and feedback.

Waggle Cv

Waggle for Grades 2–8 offers supplemental practice and instruction that immerses students in personalized learning and maximizes teachers' time.

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System 44 Next Generation

System 44® Next Generation provides intensive foundational decoding intervention for older, struggling students who are two or more years behind.

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Read 180 Universal

Read 180® provides intensive intervention to help students in Grades 4–12 who are more than one or two years behind become accomplished readers.

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Literacy Solutions

Literacy Solutions provides professional learning and coaching to support implementation of HMH Into Literature.

Research Results R

Research & Results

Leverage the latest research to ensure exceptional results.

Using the latest in literacy research as the foundation of the program, Into Literature places students on a proven path to success.

"All-Green" Rating from EdReports

HMH Into Literature Grades 6-12 have been rated Meets Expectations at Gateways 1, 2, and 3 by EdReports.

Writable for HMH Into Literature is the recipient of the 2020 SIIA CODiE Award for the Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Grades 9–12 & Higher Education category!

ESSA Evidence Criteria for Into Literature
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Authors Advisors L

Authors & Advisors

Meet the team of experts that share your vision for growth

The nation’s foremost experts led this effort to design a program that develops learners’ abilities to analyze complex texts, determine evidence, reason critically, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Dr. Kylene Beers
Past President, National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
Dr. Martha C. Hougen
National consultant, presenter, researcher, and author
Dr. Tyrone C. Howard
Professor, UCLA; Senior Fellow, ICLE; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board
Dr. Elena Izquierdo
Author, Escalate English; Author ¡Arriba la Lectura!; Associate Professor, Dual Language Education / Biliteracy / ELL Education, University of Texas, El Paso
Carol Jago
HMH Author and Associate Director, California Reading & Literature Project at UCLA
Erik Palmer
Program Consultant, Into Reading and Into Literature
Dr. Robert E. Probst
Professor Emeritus, Georgia State University
News Events R

News & Events

Stay up to date on the latest research and learnings from the nation’s top literacy experts.

Beers Kylene

“We believe that reading can change you … Open up your mind, your thinking, your ideas, your understanding of the world and all the people in it."

Kylene Beers, Ed.D. Past President, NCTE

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