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Intensive Intervention with Proven Results

Math 180’s engaging, career-centered content for Grades 5–12 is proven to ensure algebra readiness.

NWEA MAP Growth Placement Available!

NWEA® is now part of HMH. For back-to-school 2023, active MAP® Growth™ customers can use student assessment scores to automatically place students into Math 180.

Two Years Average Growth in One Year*

Math 180® is a blended-learning, intensive math intervention program that builds algebra competence in core or dedicated intervention classrooms, using best practices for striving students. Personalized software combined with teacher-facilitated instruction accelerate students toward grade-level proficiency, raising achievement scores by an average of 2+ years in one school year.

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    Math Success for Every Learner

    Math 180 was developed to provide a bridge for striving students. Cutting-edge tools help every learner achieve rigorous math standards and believe in the possibility of success.

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    Engaging Algebra Preparation

    Math 180 provides engaging differentiated math instruction through a combination of teacher-led instruction and adaptive math technology that effectively prepares middle- and high-school students for the transition to algebra.

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    Content that Brings Math to Life

    Provide the math instruction intervention students need and the content middle and high schoolers want. Real-world scenarios, including career simulations, make concepts come alive for students while building the foundational math skills they need to thrive.

The Data Shows the Power of Math 180

Studies show that our math intervention program boosts student achievement. It's proven to work.

Hear How Math 180 Builds Comfort and Confidence

  • Empowering Math Learners

    See how Math 180 empowered a student from Norwalk, CT, to go from hiding in the back of the classroom to having the confidence to raise her hand at every opportunity.

Intensive Math Intervention for Core or Dedicated Classrooms

Math 180 provides proven, research-based intervention that works in core and dedicated intervention classrooms. That means students in core classrooms who are more than one year behind now have the support they need. Here's a breakdown of the options available on Ed, HMH's learning platform.

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    Math 180 Flex: Tier 2 and 3 Intervention for Core Classrooms

    Our new offering, Math 180 Flex, is streamlined to fit into the core classroom, and it comes at a lower price.


    • Student Application* & Brain Arcade
    • Growth Measure & Reporting Suite
    • Teacher Success Pathway

    *Available in Spanish for Back-to-School 2023

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    Tier 2 and 3 Intervention for Dedicated Classrooms

    Math 180’s full program balances teacher-led instruction with personalized practice, allowing teachers to do what they do best.


    • Student Application* & Brain Arcade
    • mSpace Books
    • Teaching Guide
    • Growth Measure & Reporting Suite
    • Getting Started & Teacher Success Pathway

    *Available in Spanish for Back-to-School 2023

Building a Strong Math Foundation with the Right Tools

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    Accelerated Success

    The software delivers personalized learning that adapts to students’ needs, providing practice for those who need it and accelerating those who are ready to move on.

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    Making Math Fun

    The Brain Arcade provides a personalized playlist of games that make math fun while building students’ computational and strategic fluency.

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    Hands-On Engagement

    Manipulatives foster engagement and collaboration as students apply strategic thinking to games that require mathematical reasoning.

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    Ready-to-Go Instruction

    Ready-made teacher display tools save prep time as teachers can access the lesson content, videos, and interactive tools with a few simple clicks.

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    Differentiation for All Learners

    Teachers have an opportunity to provide differentiation after every fifth lesson. Teachers can assign lessons that give a boost to students who are struggling with a concept, or that stretch their thinking when they're ready for a challenge.

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    Less Testing, More Insight

    HMH Growth Measure—included in the Math 180 subscription—empowers teachers to customize lessons and personalize learning for students. This benchmark assessment helps determine students’ eligibility for Tier 2 or 3 intervention. Results from Growth Measure automatically place students into the Math 180 student application.

    Active MAP Growth customers can use student assessment scores to automatically place students into Math 180.

This program is so well scripted and broken down, especially for a new teacher coming in. Everything you need is there for you.

Samantha Ortiz

Assistant Principal, Clewiston Middle School, FL

Unlimited Support from Day 1, Included in Your Subscription

  • Getting Started Sessions

    Live online sessions pair teachers with HMH’s instructional coaches to ensure readiness from day one to day 180.

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  • Follow-Up Sessions

    Teachers can refresh and deepen their knowledge via one-hour sessions that focus on key topics like planning and prioritizing instruction, utilizing digital resources, and more.

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  • On-Demand Support

    Teacher's Corner puts real-world classroom tips and best practices at teachers’ fingertips, on their schedule. Plus, free live events provide the opportunity to build community around today’s instructional challenges.

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  • Family Resources

    Families and caregivers can access an ever-growing library of on-demand resources in English and Spanish, providing them the tools they need to support their child’s learning.

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  • Leader Learning

    Leaders can access the rich resources on Teacher’s Corner—including leader-specific live events, resources for PLCs, and downloadable templates for classroom observations—directly from the administrator dashboard.

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The Power of Connected Teaching and Learning

Teachers can access core math curriculum, personalized skills practice, and assessments all in one place on HMH’s learning platform, Ed.

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    Core Math Curriculum

    HMH Into Math® (Grades K–12) is built to monitor, forecast, and propel growth for every student, creating fearless problem solvers and supporting teachers every step of the way.

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    Personalized Skill Practice

    Waggle ® aligns with Math 180's scope and sequence to easily reinforce instruction. The program takes advantage of the latest research on the gamification of learning and provides students the opportunity to work on isolated skills and standards with fun, engaging activities.

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    Benchmark Assessment

    HMH Growth Measure’s valid and reliable benchmark assessments place students into relevant practice based on domain and grade-level readiness, providing teachers with timely insights into proficiency.

Grounded in Research and Proven to Work

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    Math 180: Research Evidence Base

    Don’t just take our word for it. Numerous studies show the efficacy of Math 180. Take a look at our extensive archive of research on this effective intervention program.


  • 2023 Techand Learning B2 S Secondary Ed Winner Awards 1x1

    Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence

    Best for Back to School 2023

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    Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence

    Deemed a “Standout“ by Tech & Learning Judges

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    2022 EdTech Awards Cool Tool Finalist

    Best Adaptive Technology Solution

  • Case Read180 WF1679316

    Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) Endorsement

    Math 180 is endorsed as an effective reading intervention program.

Discover the transformative power of Math 180.

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Discover the transformative power of Math 180.