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A revolutionary approach to math intervention.

For students working to gain ground who are two or more years behind in math, time is of the essence. Reteaching every partially developed concept or skill is simply not possible or effective.

Math 180® is an engaging and motivating digital math intervention program with flexible print for students in middle school who need to build foundational skills to close skills gaps and to successfully transition to Algebra.

Equal support for students and teachers

Math 180 ensures that students who struggle with mathematics believe that success is possible, and that their teachers have cutting-edge tools to help them meet rigorous new standards.

With implementation fidelity Math 180 students have demonstrated more than 2 times the annual expected growth.

Teachers are the key force behind students’ math success, and Math 180 provides an ecosystem of support to help teachers do what they do best.

The program creates experiences designed to show students that they can learn math, their efforts pay off, and math has purpose in their lives.

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Best-in-class blended learning

Math 180 teachers partner with technology to help maximize teacher effectiveness. Students benefit from this partnership by receiving consistent instruction that is fully optimized and allowing them to master skills and advance at an accelerated pace.

What the Experts Say

HMH intervention solutions have been proven to work. Don’t just take our word for it.

In one study, students using Math 180 experienced significant achievement growth in one year of implementation, with an average gain of 184 Quantile measures.

Students using Math 180 in a comparison study had an average of at least 1.75x the score increase vs. non–Math 180 students on their assessments.

Students in a Math 180 Digital Access study demonstrated 1.5x expected yearly average growth in mathematics.

Use Math 180 to make the most of eligible ESSER funding.


Creating Math-Minded Students

Success in Math 180 goes far beyond test scores. When students witness the results of their hard work, they believe in their own ability and understand that math has purpose in their future.

The Instructional Model
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Whole Group Do Now

Instruction begins with a "Do Now" exercise to encourage thinking and make connections to prior topics.

Group Instruction Rotation

Students break into two groups. In one group, the teacher focuses on building understanding, reasoning, and communication skills.

Personalized Software Rotation

Students use the adaptive software for additional instruction and scaffolded practice with routine and non-routine problems.

Instructional Focus

Math 180 focuses on the content that matters and equips students for whom math is not yet a source of joy and inspiration with the knowledge, reasoning, and confidence to thrive in algebra.

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Math 180 is built from a carefully sequenced and paced progression of content with high-interest themes that are designed for students who lack numerical understanding and reasoning skills. The Math 180 Block Series focuses on rebuilding key concepts of numbers and operations that enable students to rebuild foundational skills using algebraic thinking to develop relationships between operations and with real numbers.

Student Experience

Math 180 is a comprehensive system of instruction, assessment, and professional development designed to help students who have not yet experienced success in mathematics learning thrive in algebra. Built with the student in mind, the learning experience is a uniquely motivating and fun way to accelerate to grade-level ability.

Teacher Experience

Math 180 empowers teachers to deliver effective math instruction. Teachers have access to lesson planning tools, smart data, easier differentiation, and professional support resources that are comprehensive, cohesive, and convenient—everything they need to do what they do best.

Embedded Assessment

Math 180 includes a comprehensive and robust suite of high-quality assessment tools to monitor progress, differentiate math instruction, and keep students on track for success.

HMH Growth Measure
HMH Growth Measure

HMH Growth Measure uses the Quantile Framework for Mathematics as a diagnostic tool to place students in Math 180 and to monitor their progress toward algebra readiness. Administer the online Growth Measure test three times throughout the year to track overall growth in math understanding.

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Professional learning is powered by Math Solutions
Professional learning is powered by Math Solutions

Every Math 180 topic features professional learning from Math Solutions®, founded by Marilyn Burns. Embedded interactive tools help teachers unpack the learning progressions and practice using visual models, games, and more. There is also on-board training, implementation support, and professional coaching available to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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Into Math

Into Math's comprehensive core program for students in Grades K–8 was built to monitor, predict, and propel growth using a student-centered, outcomes-driven approach.

Waggle Cv

Waggle® for Grades K–8 offers supplemental practice and instruction that immerses students in personalized learning and maximizes teachers' time.

"My students are dreaming again, and they are doing things that so many people have told them that they can't do."

Sholanda Smith Math 180 Teacher, Dysart US

Math 180 has real impact!

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Summer School

Math 180 is proven to help students close learning gaps

Students will love summer learning with engaging, age-appropriate content that brings real-world applications to the "Why" they need to learn.

Learn more about Math 180 for summer school.


Research & Results

An equation that works

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® is committed to developing innovative programs that are grounded in research and proven to work. Math 180 was designed in collaboration with leading experts and has its efficacy shown through numerous studies.

ESSA Evidence Criteria for Math 180
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Awards & Accolades
Math 180 deemed a “Standout“ by Tech & Learning judges
Math 180 deemed a “Standout“ by Tech & Learning judges

“This is a great product to supplement in-class instruction as well as a programming solution for summer school,” said the Tech & Learning judges.

Authors Advisors


Guided by the world's leading mathematics researchers, thinkers, and practitioners, Math 180 is built on research-based teaching and learning strategies.

Dr. Deborah Ball
Dean, University of Michigan
Dr. Ted Hasselbring
Emeritus Professor, Vanderbilt University; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board
Harold Asturias
Director of Center for Mathematics Excellence and Equity, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Freeman Hrabowski
President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Dr. Jon Star
Professor, Harvard University
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