Special Education Curriculum

All learners are capable of growth and success
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We see different as positive

Special education is not only a class for students with disabilities. It is the service and support that students need in order to learn. At HMH we see this diversity of learning as a positive.

We believe that every learner is capable of growth and success. Measure progress toward Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and unlock the potential in every learner with flexible instructional models and actionable data.

Our Approach
Wf1533552 Our Approach

Each student's learning path looks a little different. Our programs create learning experiences that celebrate differences.

Adaptive software, visual models, and interactive tools help promote deep understanding and keep students engaged. HMH’s solutions provide instructional tools and resources that meet the diverse language, cognitive, social, and emotional needs for all students.

See how our special education solutions can work in your classroom.

Wf1533552 Our Programs
Our Programs
Personalize instruction

Our programs provide real-time data, supports for differentiation, program-embedded assessment, and adaptive instruction to align to individual needs and set all students on the path to success.

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See how our special education solutions can work in your classroom.