Grades 6–8 Science Activities: Conservation

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Welcome! We’ve provided a variety of learning activities for you to begin exploring conservation.

Exploring Environmental Conservation with Labs and Activities

Analyze Your Impact

In this activity, you will track your daily use of water and discuss the source of the water you used and how to reduce your consumption.

Model Factors in Resource Use

In this activity, you will model the use of a resource by individuals to determine how changes in individual use can affect the overall use of a resource by a population.

Research Environmental Conservation Issues

Investigating Human Impact on the Land

This activity is set up to be done with a partner. Work with a friend to prepare for and debate human impact on the land.

Harnessing Wind Energy

Read about how wind energy can be harnessed in a city environment using engineering designs based on societal and environmental needs. Answer the questions on your own, then work with a friend to research and discuss how changes to environmental and health laws can affect the design of city infrastructure.

Careers in Conservation

Energy Conservationist

Energy conservationists work to develop solutions to reduce energy consumption. Read to learn more about the different ways to think about energy efficiency. Work with a friend to discuss how you can be “energy conservationists” in your own everyday lives.

Talk about what you learned about conservation this week with your friends and family!

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