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Grades 3-5 Remote Learning Summer Science Activities: Conservation

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Welcome! We’ve provided a variety of learning activities to engage your child in scientific exploration of environmental conservation. Let’s begin.

Exploring Conservation with Labs and Activities

Catch That Dirt

Work with your child to evaluate the air quality in four different places around your home, neighborhood, or school. This activity takes approximately 60 minutes depending on the locations you choose to test.

How Can It Cross the Road?

Individual students can design and model a solution to help caribou migrate after an environmental change caused by human activities alters the animals’ old migration route. This activity takes approximately 45 minutes depending on the complexity of the model.

Read About Environmental Conservation!

Is This Biodegradable?

Think of the things that you use. Which of those things are biodegradable?

The Journey Home: Reintroducing Endangered Species

Read about how scientists are finding ways to help threatened or endangered species.

Recycle, Reuse

What are the benefits of recycling and reusing things like plastic bottles and aluminum cans? Read to find out!

Talk about what you learned about environmental conservation this week with your friends and family!

Keeping Up with COVID-19

To keep current with the science behind the COVID-19 virus, check out "Stopping the Spread of Infectious Disease: A Lab Activity Approach." You’ll find age-appropriate activities for your child to learn about stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

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