Hero Into Science K 5 WF1544450

A Science Curriculum Designed for the NGSS

Inspire K–5 students to think like scientists with phenomenon-driven, hands-on activities.

Student-Centered Science

HMH Into Science® and HMH ¡Arriba las Ciencias!™ support student-centered learning during teachers' dedicated science instruction, or integrated into ELA time.

  • Supports Next Gen Science Into Science K-5 WF1544450

    Next Generation Science Standards

    HMH Into Science is an NGSS science curriculum that provides a coherent, phenomenon-driven storyline; delivers three-dimensional learning; and incorporates the Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning model.

  • Flexible Science Program Into Science K-5 WF1544450

    Flexibility to Meet Teachers' Needs

    The curriculum allows educators to adapt instruction to a core or blended classroom, or integrate science into ELA.

  • Guided Implementation Into Science K-5 WF1544450

    Guided Implementation Support for Educators

    Embedded on-demand program training and week-by-week planning guidance build teacher confidence in just 30 days, putting them on a clear pathway to success.

Students Do Science to Learn Science

Hands-On Activity Videos provide video-based teacher support including an easy-to-understand narrative explaining the approach and showing the actual activity with an age-appropriate student.

Research-Based Instruction that Encourages Scientific Thinking

  • Authentic Science Activities Into Science K-5 WF1544450


    Authentic Science Activities

    Hands-on activities include embedded social and emotional learning. Open-ended simulations allow students to use technology, like a real scientist in the field.

  • FUNomenal Readers Into Science K-5 WF1544450


    FUNomenal Readers Model Science Practices

    Lesson-aligned, “factual fiction” readers support phenomenon-based activities and ask students to make claims, gather evidence, and apply reasoning.

  • Students Show What they know Into Science K-5 WF1544450


    Students Show What They Know

    Students have many opportunities to show what they've learned on assessments in a wide range of formats, including interactive digital quizzes, end-of-unit tests, and hands-on performance tasks.

  • Active Learning Engages Students Into Science K-5 WF1544450


    Active Learning Engages Students

    The curriculum uses the effective 5E instructional model, which encourages students to Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate the science, in hands-on and digital environments.

  • Assessments that support higher level thinking Into Science K-5 WF1544450


    Assessments That Support Higher-Level Thinking

    Embedded formative and summative assessments gauge student progress, identify where support may be needed, determine if students are making sense of phenomena, and provide modified options.

  • Mapping the Next Gen Standards Into Science K-5 WF1544450


    Mapping the Next Generation Science Standards

    This tool shows connections of the standards across grade levels, allowing teachers to quickly view what students should already know and what they need to be prepared to learn next.

Explore Our Spanish Version

  • Arriba las Ciencias Into Science K-5 WF1544450

    With HMH ¡Arriba las Ciencias!, Spanish-speaking learners have full access to the exact same science curriculum, including hands-on activities, FUNomenal readers, and more.

    Try a sample! El perro es el mejor amigo de las plantas: Grade 2 Lecturas FUNomenal

Awards and Accolades

  • 2023 Techand Learning B2 S Primary Ed Winner Awards 1x1

    Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence for Back to School 2023

    Primary Education

  • EdTech Cool Tool Finalist Into Science K-5 WF1544450

    2022 EdTech Cool Tool Award Finalist

    Science Solution Category

  • Ed Tech Breakthrough Award Into Science K 5 WF1544450

    2022 EdTech Breakthrough Award

    Best Science Solution

Inspire the next generation of scientists.

Insights and Resources

  • Integrating Science and Literacy in the Classroom

    Integrating Science and Literacy in the Classroom

    Learn how integrating science and literacy in the classroom helps students behave and think like real scientists and engineers.

    Marjorie Frank
    Author, ELD Specialist

  • The Importance of Hands-On Science Activities: Learning by Doing

    The Importance of Hands-On Science Activities: Learning by Doing

    Learn more about the importance of learning by doing science through hands-on science activities. Plus, access engaging lessons to use in your classroom.

    Alicia Ivory
    Shaped Editor

  • Assessing with Purpose: Formative Assessment in Science

    Assessing with Purpose: Formative Assessment in Science

    Dynamic formative assessment in science engages students and promotes their thinking; additionally, it informs instruction for educators.

    Shaped Staff

  • Integrating Science and ELA

    Drawing the connection between language and science is easier than you might think! Watch Reading and ELD Specialist and HMH Into Science author, Marjorie Frank, for an edWebinar that offers...

  • Using SEL Skills to Reinspire and Build Resiliency in the Age of COVID-19

    Presented by Bernadine Okoro, Educator, Chemical Engineer, and Author of HMH Into Science Moderated by Whitney Yaple, Director of Product Marketing for K-12 Science, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • Hands-On Activities

    Watch HMH author, master educator and science specialist, Dr. Michael A. DiSpezio, as he presents an assortment of his favorite elementary science activities. From building sound-making devices to launching paper...

Inspire the next generation of scientists.