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HMH Classcraft™

Transforming Every Classroom, Engaging Every Student

HMH Classcraft supports engaging, in-person instruction in K–8 classrooms using proven strategies.

Ready-Made Classroom Lessons Developed to Engage Every Student

Educators can develop their craft with HMH Classcraft, a solution that pairs efficacious ELA and math content with research-based lesson plans. The result: reduced educator planning time and increased student engagement.

Saves Educators Time

The days of educators gathering resources from multiple platforms are over. Classcraft provides standards-aligned lessons with real-time insights in a single location—on HMH’s learning platform, Ed—saving educators hundreds of hours of lesson preparation.


Engages Every Student

Lessons are designed to be interactive and immersive to engage students and encourage ownership of learning. Proven instructional strategies simplify classroom management, so educators can guide students through collaborative projects or individual tasks.


Delivers Real-Time Insights

Educators can count on built-in assessment opportunities in every lesson. Classcraft aggregates real-time insights on student performance and readiness, allowing educators to quickly differentiate instruction to meet the needs of individual learners or entire classrooms.


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Now it’s even easier to deliver engaging whole-classroom instruction, using the most effective math and ELA solutions. Pair HMH Into Math, HMH Into Reading, and HMH Into Literature with a solution that delivers ready-made lessons and real-time performance insights.

Transform Whole-Classroom Instruction

Introducing HMH Classcraft

It can be challenging to find the right resources to reach all students. What if educators could easily find classroom resources that boost student engagement and are aligned to core curriculum and standards?

Effective Whole-Classroom Instruction

Classroom management can be a challenge in 1:1 classrooms. Classcraft makes it easier, with tools that keep students on task. Even classrooms that aren’t 1:1 will benefit from organization and whole-class instructional tools. Learn more about educator and student experiences below.

Educator Experience

The Control Panel is the educator-only view that provides access to ready-made, standards-aligned lessons. From this view, educators:

  • Plan instruction with built-in teacher notes
  • View real-time insights on student performance and readiness
  • Adapt instruction to meet individual student or whole-classroom needs

Student Experience

The Active Student Panel keeps students on task and encourages ownership of learning. From this view, students:

  • Interact with instructional tools like Learning Goals, Turn and Talk, and Polls
  • Collaborate with classmates or respond independently
  • May have their screens paused by educators to ensure students are staying on task

Classroom Experience

The Classroom Panel is the whole-classroom instruction view. From this view, educators:

  • Control what is being displayed in the front of the classroom
  • Share student responses anonymously to encourage further discussion
  • Use classroom management tools like a timer, stopwatch, grouping, and volume meter

Perfect your teaching craft with the ultimate time-saving solution.

Insights & Resources

Into Math + Classcraft Demo Video

Classcraft Ready-Made Lessons for Into Math

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Classcraft Ready-Made Lessons for HMH Into Reading

HMH Into Reading + Classcraft Demo Video

Classcraft Ready-Made Lessons for K-8 ELA and Math

HMH Into Literature + Classcraft Demo Video

Classcraft K–8 ELA and Math Demo Video

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