Accelerate Student Growth

HMH Into AGA was built to ensure growth for each and every student.

The journey toward a true depth of understanding and a culture of growth in every mathematics classroom becomes an achievable reality with Into AGA.

Invest in You

Embedded tools and technology combine to ensure you have the time you need to focus on facilitating the mathematical discourse and differentiated instruction required to support students in reaching proficiency.

Create Fearless Problem Solvers

Power student growth with intentionally designed lessons and high-quality mathematical tasks to help students develop productive perseverance in problem solving and unlock higher-level mathematical concepts.

Foster a Culture of Growth

Using the research and support of Mindset Works® and lessons that integrate growth mindset strategies and social-emotional learning instruction at every stage, Into AGA supports you in creating a culture where students and teachers embrace learning.

Conceptual Connects Procedural

HMH Into AGA supports students as they develop their conceptual understanding and grow into procedurally fluent mathematicians. Lessons begin with the opportunity for students to express what they already know and challenge themselves with what might be coming next. Question prompts throughout lessons check understanding and motivate students to start conversations about mathematics using mathematical language.

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