Transform balanced literacy instruction
Grades K–3 Literacy Core

Rigby JillE Literacy is a balanced literacy experience that offers resources to engage readers, spark critical thinking, and inspire curiosity. JillE Literacy Student Books include delightful stories for K–3 students with  authentic learning opportunities. The embedded professional development within the instructional tools helps teachers gain the time to focus on their teaching and supports them in easily introducing balanced literacy into their classrooms.

Student Experience

Texts that captivate students and inspire curiosity in reading make achievement accessible at every level and ensure growth for all students.

Reach Every Student with Engaging Texts
  • The multiple text forms and genres include compelling language, visuals, and humor
  • Students have partner and small-group discussions with explicit support for decoding and comprehension
  • Social-emotional learning opportunities are woven into the program’s design
  • Response and genre writing activities work to nurture skill building
Vibrant & Engaging Texts
  • JillE Literacy Read Aloud Books, Poetry Cards, and Shared Books feature rhythmical, musical language and engaging stories that help teachers model and share the joy of reading.
  • JillE Literacy Leveled Books are specially designed to engage young readers with high-interest nonfiction and thought-provoking stories while systematically building their decoding, comprehension, and critical-thinking skills.

Teacher Experience

Jill Eggleton understands how demanding it is to provide “just-right” balanced literacy instruction to a classroom of students with different reading levels and instructional needs. With JillE Literacy, teachers will spend less time planning and more time teaching with this simple, effective approach.

Get the Balanced Literacy Experience with JillE Literacy