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Extraordinary Classroom Libraries with Built-In Support for All Teachers and Learners

Rigby JillE Literacy is an extraordinary classroom library that offers resources in print and online to engage readers, spark critical thinking, and inspire curiosity. Captivating stories, poems, and informational texts create authentic learning opportunities for K–3 students while embedded professional development within the instructional tools helps teachers gain the time to focus on their teaching and supports. JillE Literacy can be used as an in-school, after school, or summer school resource to close essential literacy skill gaps or provide additional support for interrupted learning, ensuring students a lifetime of reading success.

Since using these books, I have noticed a huge jump in the achievement of my kids…The books have really made reading come alive.

Ginny Ives

Assistant Principal

A New Kind of Classroom Library

Built on the latest scientific research on learning to read, JillE Literacy provides the TIME, TEXTS, and TOOLS you need to elevate literacy instruction in your classroom.

Student Experience

To engage young readers, teachers need books and poems that spark emotion, imagination, critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity. JillE Literacy is available in print and online with enhanced interactivity to engage students even more.

Reach Every Student with Engaging Texts

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JillE Literacy Read Aloud Books, Poetry Cards, and Shared Books are available in print and online and feature rhythmical, musical language and engaging stories that help teachers model and share the joy of reading.

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JillE Literacy small-group books are specially designed to engage young readers with high-interest nonfiction and thought-provoking stories while systematically building their decoding, comprehension, and critical-thinking skills. Available in print and online.

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Thought-provoking stories and SEL mini-lessons help children explore a variety of emotions, experiences, and perspectives as they develop essential SEL competencies

Explicitly and Systematically Taught Foundational Skills

At its essence, reading is the product of two cognitive elements— language comprehension and decoding. You cannot read if you can’t decode accurately. However, you cannot learn to read by just learning to decode. JillE Literacy embeds explicit instruction and repeated practice in foundational literacy skills throughout every text, uniquely using highly engaging books and poems rather than decodable texts.

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I have been a teacher for 18 years, and I have become a much better teacher of reading and comprehension by using the panel suggestions in the guided and shared reading books. The notes do a GREAT job meeting students’ diverse needs.

Renee Schultz

Kindergarten Teacher

Teacher Experience

Jill Eggleton understands how demanding it is to provide “just-right” literacy instruction to a classroom of students with different instructional needs. With JillE Literacy, teachers will spend less time planning and more time teaching with this simple, effective approach.

The Right Tools to Save Time

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Increase valuable instructional time by significantly reducing the planning and preparation time needed to create effective and differentiated literacy lessons.

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Professional development supports are built into every page of the Take and Teach Books

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Prompts and guiding questions on the page support in developing comprehension skills and strategies for students

Designed for Differentiation

No two children are alike when it comes to literacy development. Reading abilities vary from child to child—regardless of age. That’s why it’s essential to differentiate materials and instruction based on children’s stage of literacy development rather than their chronological age. Whole-class resources use scaffolded read-aloud and shared reading approaches to make grade-level texts accessible to all students, regardless of stage. Small-group resources use leveled materials to target the skills appropriate to each student’s developmental stage.

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Direct and Systematic Phonics Instruction in JillE Literacy

JillE Literacy embeds explicit instruction and repeated practice in foundational literacy skills throughout every text, uniquely using highly engaging books and poems rather than decodable texts. Download this white paper to learn more about how JillE supports phonics and decoding.


Bridge the Gap from Knowledge to Implementation

JillE Literacy builds a bridge from knowledge to implementation with built-in support that makes it easy to apply the Science of Reading to daily teaching practices. Download this resource to learn more about how JillE Literacy supports teachers with practical, easy-to-use resources that help them make the crucial shift to evidence-based reading instruction.

Summer School

Provide targeted learning to help students excel and close learning gaps.

JillE Literacy is a plug-and-play summer literacy solution with texts designed for student engagement and built-in lessons that teach exactly the right skills at exactly the right time. JillE supports learners at every stage of early literacy development, combining both language comprehension and word recognition with resources for whole group and small group.

JillE Literacy for summer school:

  • Engages young readers with delightful stories, poems, and informational texts available in print and digitally enhanced online.
  • Builds motivation and engagement by helping students experience reading success without struggle or frustration.
  • Helps teachers differentiate instruction based on student needs, which supports diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Empowers teachers with embedded instructional support that allows them to spend less time planning and more time teaching.
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Our Author

Dr. Jill Eggleton

Author, JillE Literacy

Since her earliest days as a classroom teacher in New Zealand, Jill has known that there is no room for struggle, pain, or boredom in reading. Instead, it has been Jill’s lifelong passion to engage young learners with texts that spark emotion, imagination, critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity. Jill Eggleton created JillE Literacy to provide vibrant and engaging materials designed to inspire young readers, along with built-in guidance for teaching essential skills in context and supporting all children’s literacy development. It is her sincere hope that JillE Literacy will help teachers fan the flame of literacy in their classrooms and empower students with the gift of lifelong reading.

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Discover what JillE Literacy can bring to your classroom.

Discover what JillE Literacy can bring to your classroom.