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The Teacher’s Reading Assistant

Accelerate reading mastery for all students in Grades K–6.

Amira Learning has announced a merger with Istation! HMH customers will continue to receive all of the benefits of their subscription to Amira Learning, including access to Amira's assessment and tutoring via HMH Ed.

Effective, Evidence-Based Reading Program

Amira Learning® provides 1:1 reading tutoring, oral reading fluency assessment, and dyslexia risk screening in English and Spanish—from anywhere. Dozens of micro-interventions rooted in the science of reading help students build critical foundational skills.

Built on Decades of Research

The first program of its kind to support all five pillars of reading, Amira Learning uses an evidence-based approach to reading success and demonstrates strong levels of evidence under the ESSA criteria.

Built on decades of research Amira WF1549700

Differentiate in the Core Classroom

Only Amira with HMH Into Reading® connects reading fluency assessment results directly to relevant core content. Easy-to-implement, students can use Amira during small-group rotations or independent practice.


Customizable for Spanish-Speaking Students

Amira provides equitable oral reading fluency assessment and tutoring for Spanish-speaking students.


The Data Shows That Amira Works


2xweekly growth

Students who frequently used Amira showed twice as much weekly growth as students who didn’t use Amira.



In less than 9 minutes, Amira’s Dyslexia Screener delivers a valid assessment of students’ dyslexia risk.


0.70effect size

One study found that the effect size of Amira on an English speaker’s reading growth is approximately 0.70.

Reclaim Time to Support Early Readers

Hear from one district about how Amira Learning extends the reach of the teacher.

How Amira Learning Works

  • Administration

    Teachers assign the oral reading fluency assessment and dyslexia risk screening to an entire class in under 9 minutes.

    How Amira Learning Works Amira WF1549700
  • Assessment

    Amira listens while a student reads aloud, recording the session and generating a running record free of subjective errors and testing biases.

    How Amira Learning Works Amira WF1549700
  • 1:1 Tutoring

    Amira uses assessment results to automatically place students into powerful 1:1 reading tutoring. When a student misreads a word, Amira delivers the most relevant micro-intervention to keep the student reading.

    How Amira Learning Works Amira WF1549700
  • Teacher Reports

    Detailed reports inform classroom instruction and help teachers track student mastery at a skill level and across the class.

    How Amira Learning Works Amira WF1549700
  • Leader Reports

    School and district leaders can access real-time data available to teachers and drill into students’ data in the District Dashboard to make informed planning decisions.

    How Amira Learning Works Amira WF1549700
How Amira Learning Works Amira WF1549700
How Amira Learning Works Amira WF1549700
How Amira Learning Works Amira WF1549700
How Amira Learning Works Amira WF1549700
How Amira Learning Works Amira WF1549700

Engaging and Motivating for All Learners

1 on 1 support Amira WF1549700

1:1 Reading Tutoring

Tutoring with Amira is as effective as time with a human tutor and even more effective for multilingual learners.


Accessible from Anywhere

Students can interact with the program from anywhere with a device and an internet connection.


Perfectly-Timed Micro-Interventions

Amira delivers 40+ micro-interventions aligned to Scarborough’s Reading Rope that support early readers in mastering foundational reading skills.

Effortless Administration Keeps Educators in Control


Timesaving and Reliable

Automated oral reading fluency assessment, dyslexia screening, and skills-based reporting save teachers 90+ hours each year. Teachers can administer assessments to multiple students simultaneously and screen an entire class in less than 9 minutes.


Support for Pre-Readers

Amira helps pre- and early readers to achieve reading mastery with scaffolded activities. Amira identifies early readers if they struggle to make progress on the benchmark assessment.


Skills-Based Reporting

Amira's skills-based reporting provides educators with a comprehensive overview of an individual student's reading abilities. This report empowers them to make holistic comparisons of reading skills and mastery levels across all students.

WF1819107 Amira Running records Amira WF1549700

Valid and Reliable Dyslexia Screening

Amira’s dyslexia screener utilizes rapid automatized naming (RAN) and employs multiple techniques found to be reliable indicators of brain function associated with dyslexia.


Science of Reading-Aligned Phonics, Spelling, and Fluency Tools

Easily pair Amira Learning’s powerful 1:1 reading tutoring with Saxon® Phonics and Spelling’s explicit, systematic instruction to assess and teach foundational reading skills.

Only Amira with Saxon Phonics and Spelling provides:

  • ESSA-strong, evidence-based tutoring and explicit instruction
  • Clear connections between digital assessment and routine-based phonics instruction
  • An easy-to-use mix of print and digital
Saxon integration Amira WF1549700

Professional Learning for Teacher and Leader Success

  • Guided Implementation

    Teachers starting at any time of the year can get up and running with resources in their Teacher Success Pathway that help them plan, teach, and assess learning, using their new HMH program.

    PD 1 Amira TSP WF1921250
  • Teacher’s Corner

    Teacher's Corner® on HMH Ed™ supports educators with year-round PD that puts classroom videos, teaching best practices, and live online events at their fingertips.

    PD 2 WF1921250
  • Coaching and Courses

    HMH Coachly™ and professional development courses provide personalized support aligned to district needs. Teachers of all experience levels can own their professional growth through continuous partnership with an HMH instructional coach, or get year-round unlimited access to a virtual coach, using Coachly on the HMH Ed platform.

    PD 3 WF1921250
  • Leader Support

    School and district leaders partner with experts who can help them drive transformation for all learners.

    PD 4 WF1921250
PD 1 Amira TSP WF1921250
PD 2 WF1921250
PD 3 WF1921250
PD 4 WF1921250

Awards & Accolades

Essa - Strong Rating

ESSA Rating

Strong Evidence

Digital Promise Certification

Digital Promise Certification

Research-Based Design Product Certification

Codie 2023 Winner Awards 1x1

2023 SIIA CODiE Winner

Best Science of Reading Foundational Skills Solution

Ed Tech Cool Tool

2023 EdTech Awards Cool Tool Finalist

Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution

Learn more about how Amira can accelerate reading mastery for all students.

Insights & Resources

Stay updated on Amira Learning with the latest research and articles.

Amira Learning: Research Evidence Base

  • Report Type: Research Evidence Base
  • Grade Level: Elementary
  • Early Learning
  • Assessment

Independent Versus Computer-Assisted Reading: A Comparison

  • Report Type: Efficacy Study, Study Conducted by Third Party
  • Grade Level: Elementary
  • Region: Northeast
  • Assessment
  • Early Learning

Computer-Assisted Oral Reading Helps Third Graders Learn Vocabulary

  • Report Type: Efficacy Study, Study Conducted by Third Party
  • Grade Level: Elementary
  • Region: Northeast
  • District Urbanicity: Urban
  • Assessment
  • Early Learning

Speech Recognition Software Contributes to Reading Development for Young Learners of English

  • Report Type: Efficacy Study, Study Conducted by Third Party
  • Grade Level: Elementary
  • Population: English Learners
  • District Urbanicity: Urban
  • Assessment
  • Early Learning

Learn more about how Amira can accelerate reading mastery for all students.

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Amira + Saxon Phonics and Spelling Teacher Implementation Model Brochure

Amira Learning: Reading Mastery for Elementary Students

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