What the Experts Say

Amira’s approach to reading success is built on decades of research and continues to be studied and enhanced upon.

In less than 9 minutes, Amira’s Dyslexia Screener delivers a reliable and valid assessment of students’ dyslexia risk.

One study found that the effect size of Amira on an English speaker's reading growth is approximately 0.70, the same as having a human tutor.

Amira saves teachers 90+ hours across the school year by automating Oral Reading Fluency assessment, Running Records, and Dyslexia Screening.

Use Amira to make the most of eligible ESSER funding.


What's New

Support all students in becoming masterful readers.

Support Spanish-speaking students

For Grades K–5, Amira makes it possible to accurately and reliably screen Spanish-speaking students. Amira will administer the assessment in Spanish and provide 1:1 tutoring.

Extend screening and reading practice for Grades 4 & 5

Support students in Grades 4 & 5 with valid and reliable screening and 1:1 tutoring.

Monitor growth at the district level

The District Dashboard supports leaders with insight into how students are performing within the five pillars of reading, fluency gains, and more. The dashboard provides filtering and drill-down capabilities to empower district-level data analysis.