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Many of our multilingual learners are orally fluent in English but need targeted academic language support to experience success in school. For these students, the key to acceleration is combining engaging content with explicit instruction and structured academic interactions. That’s where English 3D comes in.

English 3D was designed by nationally recognized ELD author, researcher, and teacher educator, Dr. Kate Kinsella. The program effectively accelerates the academic language of students in Grades 4–12 who are developing English proficiency.

The evidence-based instructional routines and relevant text sets in English 3D create a dynamic platform for daily speaking and writing, enabling students to become confident and competent participants in content-area classes, college, and beyond.

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Provide an asset-based pathway to success

Multilingual learners have a wealth of strengths to offer their classrooms and communities. When they come to school, they bring linguistic and cultural knowledge that are assets we can leverage when teaching. English 3D is specifically designed to meet these students’ needs with culturally responsive instruction, relevant topics and texts, and structured peer interactions.

Student Experience

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Engaging and Rigorous Content

English 3D maintains high expectations with relevant texts that reach grade level and beyond. Teaching supports ensure students have the scaffolding they need to tackle complex texts with confidence.

Purposeful Language Development

Language functions are woven throughout English 3D lessons. Students actively engage in using increasingly sophisticated language for different purposes, such as restating, elaborating, and agreeing and disagreeing.

Daily Interaction

Students “flex their language muscles” during peer and group interactions every day. Teachers thoughtfully structure collaboration to maximize time on task, ensure accurate responses, and require attentive listening.

Instructional Components

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Proficiency with high-leverage academic language

Students accurately use high-leverage, portable academic language, including vocabulary, syntax, and grammar.

Agile speaking and listening skills

Through daily opportunities for classroom discussions, peer collaboration, and formal speeches, students display improved speaking and listening skills.

Strong academic writing skills

Students exhibit the academic writing skills needed to successfully explain/inform, argue, and narrate.

Active engagement with rigorous texts

Students engage with informational and literary texts to express opinions and craft arguments in speaking and writing.

Increased confidence and competence in core classes

Students transfer new skills for increased success in their content-area classes.

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Writable for English 3D

Comprehensive writing support designed for multilingual learners


Evidence-based instruction for multilingual learners

While developing English 3D, HMH® turned to Dr. Kate Kinsella for her guidance on classroom principles and practices that are supported by research. As a result of our collaborative efforts, English 3D provides multilingual learners and their teachers with explicit and informed literacy and language instruction to help them meet their personal, academic, and professional goals.

ESSA Evidence Criteria for English 3D
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Authors Advisors


A collaboration with the leading expert in multilingual learners
Dr. Kate Kinsella
Author, English 3D; Co-Author, Read 180®; Teacher Educator, Researcher; CEO, Dr. Kate Kinsella & Associates

English 3D builds students’ competence and confidence through consistent instructional routines for academic vocabulary, discussion, and writing. Students prove it through their vibrant classroom discourse.”

Dr. Kate Kinsella Author, English 3D
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Professional Services

We know success doesn’t come from one solution, but from a network of support. When you select a program from HMH, it’s the start of a relationship—one that helps you implement and raise achievement in the ways that work best for your district, school, or classroom.

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Leveraging Biliteracy

Consulting today’s thought leaders in order to foster biliteracy can impact your results.

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READ 180

English learners may also struggle with reading comprehension. READ 180® is the country’s leading reading intervention program in which Dr. Kate Kinsella is also an advisor.

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System 44

For those students who are significantly behind, System 44® is a foundational reading intervention focused on building phonemic awareness.

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Writable’s instructional approach, developed from rigorous foundational research, improves writing with flexible tools that guide students to develop purposeful drafts, incorporate personalized feedback, and produce writing that shines.

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