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HMH English 3D®

Start with Strengths. Build to Proficiency.

Build on multilingual learners' existing linguistic strengths and accelerate English proficiency with English 3D.

K–3 Curriculum Coming in Fall 2024!

Available for the 2024–2025 school year, English 3D for Grades K–3 is a flexible, easy-to-implement English Language Development curriculum for our youngest learners.

Build Academic Language 
for Success in School and Beyond

English 3D® is an explicit and interactive English Language Development curriculum designed by Dr. Kate Kinsella. The only ELD program that has earned the WIDA Prime 2020 Seal of Alignment, English 3D enables multilingual learners in grades 4–12 to rapidly acquire the language skills necessary for academic success.

ELD for All Proficiency Levels

English 3D includes evidence-based ELD courses that 
meet the needs of multilingual learners at all proficiency levels—from newcomers to long-term English learners.

ELD for All Proficiency Levels English 3 D WF1633000

Asset-Based Teaching 
and Learning

The linguistic, cultural assets, and background knowledge multilingual learners bring to their classrooms are at the heart of English 3D, and are elevated through relevant topics and texts, translanguaging, contrastive analysis, and home language connections.

Media Placeholder Asset Based Teaching and Learning English 3 D WF1633000

A Pathway to Proficiency

Lessons and assessments align with the content students will encounter on their state English Language Proficiency assessment, ensuring they are always advancing toward reclassification.

A Pathway to Proficiency English 3 D WF1633000

See How English 3D Created Opportunities for Multilingual Learners in Kansas City

Opening the Door to Successful Language Acquisition

A Kansas City district with a large population of multilingual students used English 3D and its explicit academic language routines to help students gain language confidence.

English 3D builds students’ competence and confidence through consistent instructional routines for academic vocabulary, discussion, and writing. Students prove it through their vibrant classroom discourse.

Dr. Kate Kinsella

Author, English 3D

The Right Materials to 
Support Every Classroom


Relevant and Rigorous Content

Multilingual learners will see themselves reflected in authentic texts that reach grade level and beyond. Teaching supports maintain high expectations while ensuring students have appropriate scaffolding to tackle complex material.

Relevant and Rigorous Content English 3 D WF1633000

Purposeful Language Development

Language functions and features are woven throughout English 3D lessons. Students actively use increasingly sophisticated language for authentic purposes, such as restating, elaborating, agreeing, and disagreeing.

Purposeful Language Development English 3 D WF1633000

Meaningful Daily Interaction

Students “flex their language muscles” during daily peer and group interactions. Thoughtfully structured collaboration maximizes students’ time on task, ensures accurate responses, and requires attentive listening.

Meaningful Daily Interaction English 3 D WF1633000

Student Success in Hemet, California

Multilingual learners in the Hemet Unified School District achieved impressive language proficiency gains with English 3D. Read the full study.


45% Average percentage of students who gained one to two grade levels in reading proficiency from 


+40 Average reading score increase 
on language proficiency test in one school year


+30 Average writing score increase 
on language proficiency test in one school year


Consistent, Embedded Instructional Routines

A consistent set of recursive instructional routines supports teachers in maximizing student engagement and accelerating language development, regardless of their expertise in teaching multilingual learners.

Consistent Embedded Instructional Routines English 3 D WF1633000

Data Insights to Drive Outcomes

The English 3D assessment suite includes summative unit assessments, daily formative tasks, and performance-based assessments, providing the data insights teachers need to support each learner.

New for 2024: NWEA®MAP® Growth™ customers can see key MAP Growth data on HMH Ed—the same place as English 3D.

Data Insights to Drive Outcomes English 3 D WF1633000

Customized, Robust 
Professional Learning

Professional learning topics help teachers plan, teach, and assess using English 3D on Ed, the HMH learning platform. On Teacher’s Corner, teachers can access over 150 classroom videos of Dr. Kinsella and English 3D teachers modeling key instructional routines, along with personalized Teacher Success Pathways.

Customized Robust Professional Learning English 3 D WF1633000

The Power of Connected Teaching and Learning

Scaffolded writing assignments and tracking student progress are seamlessly integrated with English 3D on HMH’s learning platform, Ed.

Scaffolded Writing Practice

Support for All Skill Levels

Use Writable®, HMH's fully integrated writing tool, to incorporate formal writing assignments at three different levels of scaffolding. Lessons follow a gradual release model to help students move toward writing independence.

Support for All Skill Levels English 3 D WF1633000

English 3D Courses

  • Language Launch Volume 1

    Language Launch Volume 1 helps newcomer students who are in the earliest stages of English language acquisition quickly gain language confidence. Teacher-guided lessons address critical language functions in the four domains: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

    Courses Language Launch Volume 1 English 3 D WF1633000
  • Language Launch Volume 2

    Multilingual learners at beginning levels of English proficiency will benefit from Language Launch Volume 2. The program focuses on students’ identities as language learners and prepares them for ELP assessments.

    Courses Language Launch Volume 2 English 3 D WF1633000
  • Courses A, B, and C

    Students at later proficiency levels build academic vocabulary in Courses A, B, and C, organized into grade-level clusters. These courses enable students to meet the criteria for reclassification and the language demands of secondary core classes.

    Courses A B C English 3 D WF1633000
Courses Language Launch Volume 1 English 3 D WF1633000
Courses Language Launch Volume 2 English 3 D WF1633000
Courses A B C English 3 D WF1633000

Awards & Accolades

Codie 2023 Winner Awards 1x1

2023 SIIA CODiE Winner

HMH ELA K–12 Connected Curriculum: Best Suite of Connected/Integrated Solutions

Ed Tech 2024 Cool Tool Finalist Awards 1x1

2024 EdTech Awards Cool Tool Finalist

Best Language Learning Solution


Aligned to the WIDA Prime 2020 Standards Framework

Strong and Comprehensive Alignment in All Review Categories

Learn more about building multilingual learners’ confidence and proficiency.

Insights & Resources

English 3D: Research Evidence Base

  • Report Type: Research Evidence Base
  • Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, High
  • English Language Development

English 3D: Tigard-Tualatin School District

  • Report Type: Efficacy Study
  • Grade Level: Middle
  • Region: West
  • Promising Evidence
  • Literacy Curriculum
  • English Language Development
  • Intervention Curriculum

English 3D: Hemet Unified School District Quasi-Experimental and Correlational Studies

  • Report Type: Efficacy Study, Study Conducted by Third Party
  • Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, High
  • Region: West
  • Population: English Learners, Students with Disabilities
  • Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • District Urbanicity: Suburban
  • District Size: Large
  • Moderate Evidence
  • English Language Development

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Watch the 3 minute video on how this solution helped North Kansas City's EL students become stronger readers and writers, participate confidently in academic discussions, and prepare for future success in school and beyond.

Learn more about building multilingual learners’ confidence and proficiency.

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