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June Middle School Icebreakers 2

Check out our first-day-of-school icebreaker activities for middle school students. Using icebreakers will help ease everyone back into the school routine.

Kristen Eannetta
Instructional Coach

WF1802900 Shaped 2023 Blog Post Why is Classroom Management Important

Read why classroom management is important in ensuring a successful school year and find classroom management strategies to use in your classroom.

Teresa Meredith

WF1807212 Hero

Get advice on how to incorporate vocabulary into science instruction to ensure students learn science concepts deeply.

Dr. Karen Ostlund
Assistant Professor of Instruction, Emerita, UTeach, College of Natural Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin

WF1704700 Hero

Fourth-grade teacher and HMH ambassador Toney Jackson returns and shares tips to start off the school year as a Teacher MC, including how to empower students by sharing the stage and how to find your teaching crew.

Jennifer Corujo
Shaped Editor

What Is Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom Hero

What is differentiated instruction in the classroom? The answer is key to ensuring all learners get the support they need. Here, we break down the process.

Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Executive Editor

Two female teachers talking at the whiteboard

Explore the two primary models of instructional coaching–educational and teaching–and get practical insight for implementation in your school or district.

Tera Gall
Instruction and Leadership Coach

WF1721296 Hero

This articles explains what is inquiry-based learning and provides approaches and examples within education.

Dr. Phil Vahey
Director of Applied Learning Sciences, HMH

Dr. Michael J. Bolz
Senior Learning Scientist, Learning Sciences, HMH

WF1813601 Shaped 2023 Blog Post The Role of Vocabulary in Reading Instruction Hero

We break down the role of vocabulary in reading comprehension and share strategies that will ensure students learn new words.

Dana Leon
Shaped Contributor

WF1771200 What is Phonemic Awareness Hero

Learn about phonemic awareness and how it relates to phonological awareness.

Zoe Del Mar
Shaped Executive Editor

Icebreaker hero 2 85cab6aa25ee358f8b9ee45ba7a4bd78

Teachers can use these fun back-to-school icebreaker activities for elementary students in the classroom or remotely.

Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Executive Editor

What Is Data-Driven Instruction in Education?

This article answers the question, “What is data-driven instruction in education?”

Dr. Michael J. Bolz
Senior Learning Scientist, Learning Sciences, HMH

Vidya Madhavan
Learning Scientist, HMH

School Principal Leadership Coaching HERO

The journey to strong instructional leadership is personal, and school-leader coaching provides support as principals learn to lead.

Kyra Donovan
Associate Partner, The Center for Model Schools

WF1608885 back to school activities resources 2024 aggregate hero

Check out our 2024 back-to-school articles for teachers and educators. Explore professional development strategies and resources for the new school year.

Shaped Staff

Juneteenth national freedom day hero image

Celebrate Juneteenth in the classroom. Explore Juneteenth activities and lesson plans for elementary, middle school, and high school students.

Alicia Ivory
Shaped Editor

WF1465051 Shaped 2021 Blog Post Classroom Reward Ideas

Explore 11 ideas for cheap or free classroom rewards and incentives. No matter what your budget looks like, get your students motivated to participate!

Ali Habashi
Former Shaped Editor

Pride Hero

Hear from HMH Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer, Benita Flucker, on why LGBTQ+ students have the right to feel respected, to feel affirmed, and to know that they have agency.

Benita Flucker
Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer, SVP Enterprise Development Strategy, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Teaching talking to a student

Get started with the school improvement planning process. Learn how to create a school improvement plan to make measurable gains in your district.

Zoe Del Mar
Shaped Executive Editor

Lighthouse Awards Announcement Meet Our HMH Lighthouses Hero

Over 500 teachers were nominated for the inaugural HMH Lighthouse Awards. Meet the 10 winners.

Steve Pemberton
Author of The Lighthouse Effect; Speaker

Carmen Ortiz-McGhee
Chief Operating Officer, National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC)

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