Grades 6–8 ELA Activity Set 7: Synonyms and Antonyms Crossword Puzzle and More

Sharpen your writing, language, critical thinking, and reading skills with these instructional resources, designed for at-home learning. Keep checking back for new resources posted each week!

Resource 1: Crossword Puzzle—Synonyms and Antonyms

Can you spot a synonym of the word wordy? Or an antonym of the word abundance? Take the synonym/antonym challenge by completing this crossword puzzle.

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Resource 2: Novel Study

Taking notes as you read a novel is a great way to get the most out of your experience. Use this Novel Study to help you analyze the characters, plot, theme, and author's craft of the next novel you read.

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Resource 3: How-to Tech Guide

Someone—one of your friends, teachers, or classmates—is struggling with technology! Lend a hand by creating a How-to Tech Guide to help others get through these troubling times.

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