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Grade 3 Math Activity: In Our Corner of Space

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G4 Math Activity Set Food In Space And More

In this lesson, your child will gain understanding of informational text through active reading. Informational text contains many facts and details. Active readers process informational text with deliberate speed that enables them to focus on and retain the facts presented.

There are two parts to this activity. First, read and learn about the objects in the solar system. Then, complete an activity sheet to develop vocabulary, learn concepts, and do the math.

Materials Needed

As you read the "In Our Corner of Space" pages, have your child point to, instead of circle, the informational text. The answers to “Identify the Planets and Their Positions” and “Do the Math!” can be written on a blank sheet of paper.

Then, after reading the "In Our Corner of Space" pages, your child can complete the STEM student sheet. Check their answers using the answer sheet.

Extend the Project

Pluto was once classified as a planet but is no longer considered to be one. Astronomers changed the definition of a planet, requiring it to have a clear orbit. Pluto shares its orbit with several other large objects that are not moons of Pluto. The scientists decided that Pluto no longer fulfills all the requirements to be classified as a planet.

Want to learn more? Visit NASA at NASA Science Solar System Exploration.

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