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Grades 9–12 ELA Activity Set 6: Analyze a Podcast and More

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Sharpen your writing, language, critical thinking, and reading skills with these instructional resources, designed for at-home learning. Keep checking back for new resources posted each week!

Resource 1: Analyze a Podcast

Hone your active-listening skills as you analyze a podcast. Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets? Tune in to the podcast, and then decide for yourself.

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Resource 2: Explore Haiku

Haiku is a short poetic form that originated in Japan. Traditionally, it often focuses on one or two images that capture a mood or moment in a season, but it can cover any topic. Learn about this poetic form and then write your own haiku. 

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Resource 3: Binge-Watching Bingo!

Practice identifying literary terms while binge-watching your favorite shows. Fill in five in a row for bingo!

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