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Join us on Teachers in America to hear the incredible stories of real teachers. In each episode, our host, HMH's Senior Director of Community Engagement and former teacher, Noelle Morris, connects with an educator across the country and explores education topics like improving student outcomes, incorporating SEL and equity in the classroom, and adjusting to new challenges like remote learning. Listen to the latest season of Teachers in America below and meet the inspiring educators we've had the opportunity to interview.

Teachers in America Season 5

Episode 22Reading Intervention Advice from My 35 Years in Education with Jennie Mau in CA

Reading intervention teacher Jennie Mau reflects on her 35-year career in education and shares her favorite reading instructional strategies and tools that have helped her students thrive.

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Episode 21: Don’t Forget Your Why with Sherrye Scott in TX

When Sherrye Scott realized her daughter needed additional help in school, she transitioned from a career in computer information systems to education. Now a math intervention teacher in Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District in Texas, Sherrye shares how she incorporates social-emotional strategies into math instruction and how she motivates students to learn and succeed

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Episode 20: Honoring Cultural Identity and Native American Heritage with Dr. Artley Skenandore in WI

Oneida Nation High School principal and cultural leader Dr. Artley Skenandore shares how he encourages students to stay connected to their Oneida history, culture, and language. Plus he provides strategies on how to honor Native American heritage in the month of November and all year long

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Episode 19: Partnering with Your Principal for Student Success with Randolph Hull and Joshua Bzovi in MI

Assistant principal Randolph Hull and reading intervention teacher Joshua Bzovi from the South Redford District in Michigan share how they’ve teamed up to support their middle school students in reading.

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Episode 18: Minisode Creating an Accessible Learning Environment with Eric Cavalli in TX

Adapted physical education teacher Eric Cavalli from Manor, Texas shares strategies to create an accessible learning environment for students.

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Episode 17: Minisode Fostering a Growth Mindset in a Multilingual Classroom with Blanca Hernandez in TX

Texas dual language kindergarten teacher Blanca Hernandez shares how she builds a bilingual classroom culture that fosters a growth mindset in English and Spanish.

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Episode 16: What Works in Writing Instruction with Kayla Dyer in RI

Rhode Island K-5 literacy fellow and HMH Teacher Ambassador Kayla Dyer discusses writing teaching strategies to successfully guide students through the writing process.

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Episode 15: How to Cultivate a Love of Reading in Students with Russell Souders in TX

Third-grade Texas teacher Russell Souders shares tips on how he sparks students’ interest in reading, including how he uses programs like HMH Into Reading to engage students in literacy instruction.

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Episode 14: Science Instruction Insights from Past NSTA President Dr. Karen Ostlund

Past NSTA President and HMH Into Science Texas author Dr. Karen Ostlund joins us to discuss the ins-and-outs of NGSS standards, technology's impact on student agency, and more.

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Episode 13: Back-to-School Series Minisode 3 with Teresa Meredith in Indiana

30-year seasoned teacher and HMH Teacher Contributor Teresa Meredith shares her expertise on creating a classroom community space and establishing expectations in the first weeks of school.

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Episode 12: Back-to-School Series Minisode 2 with Leah Carper in NC 

In this 13-minute minisode, North Carolina State Teacher of the Year, Leah Carper, joins us again and talks about social and emotional learning strategies that have been successful with her Gen Z students.

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Episode 11: Back-to-School Series Minisode 1 with Toney Jackson in NJ

Fourth-grade teacher and HMH ambassador Toney Jackson returns and shares tips to start off the school year as a Teacher MC, including how to empower students by sharing the stage and how to find your teaching crew.

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Episode 10: Understanding Evidence-Based Literacy Practices with Dr. Jake Downs in UT

Utah elementary literacy coordinator and education podcaster Dr. Jake Downs talks about best practices for literacy instruction, the science of reading, and data-based decision-making to help struggling readers.

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Episode 9: Teaching Writing and Wrapping up the School Year with David Staton in OH

Ohio teacher, David Staton, shares how he personalizes writing instruction and keeps students engaged in the last days of school.

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Episode 8: Building a Foundation with Phonics in First Grade with Amber Reyes in CO

Colorado teacher, Amber Reyes, shares strategies to engage students in fun phonics instruction, as well as resources to build fundamental reading skills.

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Episode 7: Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona shares his 2023 Teacher Appreciation Week message and details the Department of Education's "Raise the Bar: Lead the World" effort.

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Episode 6: Leveraging Technology to Differentiate Instruction with Becky Walker in ID

Interventionist Becky Walker discusses how she leverages technology to differentiate instruction for her diverse student population.

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Episode 5: Cultivating a Collaborative Teacher Community with Teresa Meredith in Indiana

Thirty-year seasoned teacher Teresa Meredith shares best practices to build positive relationships with fellow educators on and offline.

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Episode 4: Dyslexia, Intervention, and the Read 180 User with Rachael Cunningham and Sarah Fox in CA

Education leaders Rachael Cunningham and Sarah Fox dispel common misconceptions about dyslexia and share best practices and programs to support dyslexic learners.

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Episode 3: How Advice from My Gen Z Class Made Me Up My Tech Game with Leah Carper in NC

2023 North Carolina State Teacher of the Year Leah Carper shares how she's learned to leverage technology in her classroom.

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Episode 2: Supporting SEL in Middle School Science with Autumn Rivera in CO

2022 National Teacher of the Year finalist Autumn Rivera shares her journey as a middle school science teacher—from supporting social and emotional learning to making the great outdoors her classroom.

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Episode 1: How to Differentiate Instruction Through Rhymes and Raps with Toney Jackson in NJ

Fourth grade teacher MC and poet Toney Jackson shares differentiation tips and tricks, like incorporating rhymes and raps to reach all students.

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Teachers in America: Seasons 1–4

When we set out to record the Teachers in America series, we wanted to give teachers a platform to tell their story. Throughout the years, we've had the opportunity to interview teacher influencers, authors, and Teacher of the Year winners. We've covered important trends and topics in education, including:

  • Building student relationships
  • Writing lessons for young learners
  • Virtual learning
  • Equity and diversity
  • Classroom communities
  • Bullying
  • Teacher burnout
  • Classroom management
  • The school-to-prison pipeline
  • Social and emotional learning

Check out our full episode catalogue below!

Teachers in America Season 4
Teachers in America Season 3
Teachers in America Season 2
Teachers in America Season 1

Understanding how educators teach today and hearing about the important strides they are making in the classroom give us a glimpse into the worlds of our K–12 learners through the eyes of the people who encourage them to be the best they can be.

We are always looking for more teacher guests, so if you or someone you know would be good on the podcast, please email us at shaped@hmhco.com. We can't wait to meet you!


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