Podcast: Dyslexia, Intervention, and the Read 180 User with Rachael Cunningham and Sarah Fox in CA on Teachers in America

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Photo: Education leaders Rachael Cunningham and Sarah Fox

Welcome back to Teachers in America, where we celebrate teachers and their lasting impact on students' learning journeys and lives.

In this episode, our host Noelle Morris welcomes education leaders, Rachael Cunningham and Sarah Fox. Both Rachael and Sarah currently sit on the leadership team at the Charles Armstrong School in Belmont, California, which serves students in grades 2-8 with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia. HMH has partnered with the Charles Armstrong School to pilot new program features within Read 180 and conduct research.

From fifth grade homeroom teacher to instructional coach—Rachael has held many roles at the school. She is currently the Director of Teaching and Learning, where she overseas professional development and coaching.

Sarah started as a fourth-grade homeroom teacher and now serves as the Director of Lower School and Research. She spends most of her time ensuring teachers are learning, growing, and feeling supported.

Together, Rachael and Sarah will share their expertise on dyslexia, including:

  • Best practices for teaching dyslexic learners
  • Reading programs for dyslexic learners, particularly Read 180
  • Tips on creating a safe and inclusive learning community

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