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Welcome to HMH Learning Moments, our new podcast focused on the ever-changing learning landscape. From educators in the classroom to leaders outside the field of education, every moment on our podcast is a chance to create connections, share stories, and explore the ideas and innovations that will influence the future.

Announcing New Series: Shaping the Future Hosted by Dr. David Dockterman

We’re excited to share our next series of HMH Learning Moments... Shaping the Future! This series is hosted by Dr. David Dockterman (Dock), an education lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, as he talks to both education experts and thought leaders from other industries. Together, they will examine leading issues from across the K-12 industry and offer insights for educators to best shape the future of education. 

Read more from Dock about Shaping the Future and what to expect this season.

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Episode 1 - Shaping the Future: Future Career Skills and Preparing Students for the Workplace

Air date: October 15, 2019
This episode explores key questions around the future workforce, such as:

  • Are we preparing students for today’s workforce or the one they’ll inherit?
  • How is the teaching profession changing to keep pace with an evolving world?
  • What can educators do to ensure students succeed in careers that don’t even exist yet?
  • What are the “soft skills” educators need to cultivate in their students to prepare them for a future career?

Featured guests:

  • George Anders, Senior Editor At Large at LinkedIn, New York Times bestselling author, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
  • Dr. Bill Daggett, Founder of International Center for Leadership in Education and creator of the Rigor/Relevance Framework

Read the full transcript.

Episode 2 - Shaping the Future: Preparing Future Voters and the Influence of Educators

Air date: October 29, 2019
This episode explores how to responsibly teach civics in schools and addresses questions like:

  • How does the historical role of schools impact how we teach civics today?
  • How can we empower students to make changes in their communities?
  • Can we successfully teach civics education and remain nonpartisan?

Featured guests:

  • Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of the Girl Scouts and author of Path to the Stars: My Journey from Girl Scout to Rocket Scientist
  • Dr. Emma Humphries, Chief Education Officer at iCivics 

Read the full transcript.

Episode 3 - Shaping the Future: Future Skills for Fact-Checking Online Fakes

Air date: November 19, 2019
In an era where “fake news” and false information is rampant online, this episode will explore:

  • How do we ensure ALL students are media literate?
  • What resources exist to help educators teach this complex and ever-evolving subject?
  • What role can social media play in teaching media literacy in context?

Featured guests:

  • Katy Byron, Editor and MediaWise Program Manager at Poynter
  • Erik Palmer, Author, Consultant, and former teacher

Read the full transcript.

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